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Cenarion Raiment - Сет Трансмогрификации


Комментарий от Boccaccio

Any cloak that can be weared with this set? Maybe one with a special design... :)

Комментарий от jumbodog

The pitiful thing about this set is while I was farming MC for Waterlords rep I collected all these pieces and promptly vendored them because I had no use for them. Now that Morgifcation is here I am NOT going back and trying to farm these again. I'm going with the BC set.

Such is life.

Комментарий от Martoch

I've found that the dropped by in East matches up really well. It's also easy to farm. (Note to those farming it: Enter, jump down, veer off to the right, slay , then backtrack to speak with (now labeled ) who unlocks/smashes open the doorway leading to the final boss.) delete

Комментарий от Martoch

I've found that the Лесносумрачный плащ dropped by Алззин Перевертень in Забытый Город East matches up really well. It's also easy to farm.

Note to those farming this cape: Enter, jump down, veer off to the right, slay Зеврим Терновое Копыто, then backtrack to speak with Древень Железная Кора (now labeled Железная Кора - отмщенный) who unlocks/smashes open the doorway leading to the final boss.

Комментарий от Fangteeth

Also cool weapon for it is Staff of verdant/green circle that is obtainable from quest at 20 level.

Комментарий от Zuunal

I am using Накидка печальных воспоминаний with my setup cause i like the way it looks. It is also the closest i have found to the set pattern on front.

Комментарий от Schaden

Anyone know of a good dagger or OH item for this set?

Комментарий от theliquifier

the helm is bugged out for the "view in 3D" option. It removes the hair, when in game it does not.

Комментарий от Keril

Has anyone got some tips for suitable daggers and off-hands? They should be prety subtle, not taking too much space, but if they look good, hey, that's still a winner.

Комментарий от Spycrab

I use Плащ из перьев кеа for my cloak transmog in this set, it isn't too plain and it isn't too overwhelming for the set. Love how it looks. It was always one of my favorite cloaks back in Wrath, too. As my staff transmog, Посох зеленого круга (or Дренейский лесной посох) is the easy choice with its awesome animations, though I feel like the color of the wood on the staff clashes a little bit. The animations make it worth it! Polearms are a bit difficult with this set... I like Копье Острорука a little and haven't found much else I care for.A dagger I like with it is Клык Газ'риллы, it's very plain but the colors match pretty well. I'm also fairly fond of Кинжал возгорания and Отрегулированный нож. We don't really have much choices I've seen for real druid-y daggers, though...One of the flower off-hands seems most appropriate to me, like these ones: Одуванчик Искателя Снов Гирлянда дарующего жизнь Озаренный солнцем букет Вечнозеленая ветвь Цветок Служителей Земли. The dandelion is my personal favorite of those. Ранец Кадгара looks decent, too, for a non-flower.

Комментарий от Hanss

A nice staff might be the monk staffs from the quest chain at Serenity Peak. It has the perfect exile-druidy look you achieve with this set.

Комментарий от indiekindie

Which tabard would you wear? I think Гербовая накидка Кенарийской экспедиции would look good.

Комментарий от Pytheas

I've got Одеяние имирьярского лекаря hanging around in the bank I will use with this set instead of the that it is listed for.

Комментарий от shurtagul

anyone got 1h mace that matches?

Комментарий от fluffybutt1

I honestly think Набедренники Ярости Бури and Жакет лучника look better, shows more green and less brown

Комментарий от Pingouin7

I like Пелерина Хранителя Рощи with the set.

Комментарий от Greywyrm

Still my favorite set for Druids. Especially with the Staff of the Verdant Circle.

Комментарий от Palamir

I found that Великолепный плащ Джилл which is a zone drop in Верховный Молот looks really good with this set. Unfortunately it is fairly pricey at the moment due to it being current content. I like that it has a nice leathery texture which goes well with the beige colour of the whole set.

For a staff I like using Шпиль поблекших снов which can drop from Кологарн in the Ульдуар raid. It looks natural enough for a druid while still emanating a certain power from it.

You can see the whole outfit in 3D here.

Комментарий от Dondrapersr

Великий посох буйной ярости is a great looking staff option to go with this tier set- it drops from trash mobs in the Serpentshrine Cavern raid.

Комментарий от dey12345

For a 1h Mace, I think that the Молот Зул'Фаррака works pretty well, myself. Unfortunately, it is no longer available. A decent offhand to go with it is the Сияющий глаз мурлока.

Комментарий от Apocalex

My outfit version of the Cenarion Raiment transmog set with some personal picks for shirt, cloak and staff. And yet another outfit version with fist weapons.

Комментарий от bonwhit

Has anyone else noticed that Celadine the Fatekeeper, the researcher in the druid class hall, is wearing a gorgeous aqua and white re-color of this chest and shoulders? I want it......

Комментарий от Garrlick

Another cool helm for this set (mainly meant for Taurens) is the Feathermoon Headdress. It matches the set perfectly, considering Taurens don't look the best with antlers. This headdress is perfect. The right green.

Комментарий от Rahnick

As of 7.3 the arms on the chest piece have disappeared, this seems to be a bug


Кенарийские одеяния - Набор предметов


Комментарий от Glidi

In my opinion this set is mediocre at the least. Not enough +healing in it. Only 98? Cauterizing Band drops in Molten Core and has +48 healing. Set bonus are mediocre. The three set bonus is good if you have Imp Thorns in the Balance tree. The five set bonus is just good but, the last one? Tranquility and Hurricane? How often do we use that really.

Wild Growth Spaulders are awesome and drops from Domo. Or you could wait for Stormrage off Onyxia and Ragnaros.

Комментарий от Morrik

With the addition of the 41 point talents, this set once again becomes viable in raids. If you're one of the few that will specialize into Tree of Life, the amount of spirit this set gives will increase healing by ~28 to 30. While that not seem like much, HoT's stack, other healers will love you and your Regrowth and Rejuvination spells have been decreased in mana costs. Something I look forward to wearing when my guild dives into MC soon (on Korialstrasz).

Комментарий от Kireek

Locations (all in Molten Core):Head - GarrShoulders - Baron GeddonChest - Golemagg the IncineratorPants - MagmadarGloves - ShazzrahBoots - LucifronBelt - Trash MobsBracers - Trash Mobs

Комментарий от Aurican

All in all, the set isn't half bad if you're looking for some decent raiding gear. Personally, I only use the gloves, the boots, and the chest because my guild was able to supplement me with some better +healing gear, but I am looking at obtaining the whole set, if for nothing else than to say, "Hey, I got it all." But in all fairness, this set isn't the greatest thing since sliced bread. I has some downsides which, I hate to admit, are a little pricey. Druids are mostly called upon to be healers, but this set focuses more on the balance between a balance druid and a healing druid. Tier two is a much better choice for those druids who are straight up healers in raids and the such.

However, there are many pros to this set as well. It has decent mp5, which can make or break a healer in a raid, above average stats, which is very nice because the more mana you have, the more healing you can throw on the tank, and some nice set bonuses (in all fairness, the tranquility and hurricane cooldowns aren't the best ability, but traq has saved my groups more than once).

What I'm trying to get at is that this set while having both negative and positive impacts, is a very good set for those druids who are trying to get the feel for how their class runs through end-game material.

Комментарий от saaltaani

its totally AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Комментарий от Groundlord

For your information, Glidi, there ARE druids that don't specc for Feral or Restoration!!!!These are called "Balance Druids," and they rely more on damage than healing (in Moonkin form, they are almost like Mages in Plate armor). If you are referring SPECIFICALLY to Restoration Druids, then I agree about the +healing bonuses being poor.

Комментарий от Warrok

There is something notable about this old tier set about using it at level 70. When I was doing MC with some friends, a healing druid picked up a piece of the set just for fun, but pretty soon we started discussing the 3-piece set bonus and how it can still be useful.

The 3-piece bonus can essentially (ab)used just for buffing raid members. After buffing you can switch back to your shiny BC raiding gear and still get the benefit of 15min buffs that do a little bit more damage than usual. Note that the damage increase is amplified by the druid talent Brambles, bringing Thorns damage up from ~44 (already talented) to ~51. While it might not seem a lot, this can be helpful in endgame raiding, for example on Hyjal trash increasing your tanks threat by a bit.

There is something interesting to note about a peculiarity when the druid uses the items just for buffing and then switches to higher quality gear. It seems the additional damage is not applied in this case if the druid himself is hit by a mob. However the additional buff duration is retained and further testing revealed that the additional damage also remains in place when other people are buffed with it and then hit by mobs, even if the druid then switches gear. Seems like Blizzard intended to remove the damage bonus if the set is not equipped, but poorly implemented it, which can be exploited to a minor advantage.

A quick lookup of other old tier-sets revealed that there is no other set-bonus that can be exploited in a similiar fashion, though I might be wrong on that one and overlooked something.

Комментарий от Britishfury

is there any tank armor for 60s thats like this for druids?is there is pleas tell me/oh yah it needs to be epic too

Комментарий от Floreal

ive considered getting some of this set one day if im bored, just because it looks nice^^

Комментарий от Mattimo

lmao what could be better then looking like a tree

Комментарий от scyther

Hmmm, now that Hurricane does not have a CD I wonder if they are just going to leave the bonus or change it

Комментарий от Chumpacabra

This 8-set bonus + Improved Tranquility apparently give Resto druids a no-cooldown Tranquility, and according to a friend, it makes Loatheb a breeze.

Комментарий от Speckels

With the new change that adds 15% more damage to hurricane this set is crazy OP!

Okay it's still worthless compared to outland greens but we can dream.

Комментарий от Sedirex

Antlers! ^&*! yeah!

Комментарий от Bremp

With Glyph of Thorns plus 3 pieces of this set, you get a 2 hours thorns buff.

Комментарий от cmag2102

this set has some novelty at level 80. for a resto druid at least. with the 8 piece set bonus and spec'ing into imp tranquility, tranquility generates absolutely no threat and literally has no cooldown. entire fights of nothing but tranquility....now yes, it does get a little boring sometimes when you can just sit there and spam one button for an entire fight, but hey, it's like being a hunter now!

Комментарий от DrCheis

In patch 4.0, Tranquility was moved to a level 68 ability, but the item bonus remains on this level 60 item set. This may be fixed in some future patch.

Комментарий от Ardencroft

As of Cata, with the changes to thorns, this set is now incredibly valuable to a druid to have 3 pieces of, sure you lose some sp, but your thorns runs for 30 seconds out of 45 seconds. will shoot the damage thorns provides a group up from about 8% to about 14% from what ive seen on my druid. very valuable if your guild is running black temple for kicks, and your heals dont have to be top shelf!

Комментарий от Decilicus

anyone who got any suggestions for a matching / cool looking weapon, to fit the set?:)

Комментарий от kinark

as of 4.1 this with 2/2 malfurions gift only lowers it to 1.5m cooldown.

Комментарий от Ramdasbir

Does anyone know if there was ever cape to match this set? Or a good alternative? I have been browsing the Guide to capes on here.. but there are just so many, and most w no screen shots to see what it actually looks like...

Комментарий от ShobuBlaze

Strange that they added that note to the end of the 3-piece bonus saying "REDESIGN, SPELL RETIRED". Do any other items have a note like this? I wonder what they would change it to, if any developer ever notices it. Seems weird they'd go back and change the set bonus for an outdated set probably no one uses anymore.

Комментарий от foxbuster

As of Mists of Pandaria, Druid T1 set does NOT HAVE a 3-item equipped bonus.Confirmed with a GM that this issue doesn't have an estimated correction date.

Комментарий от Kanariya

This set once again has a 3-set bonus, though incredibly weak considering that level 56 blue dungeon sets have double the intellect bonus on it. Even the Druid Dungeon Set 1 Облачение дикого сердца has a higher intellect bonus.

Комментарий от Jarakin

Tier 1 PVE raid set Кенарийские одеяния .

All part of the set can by looted in Огненные Недра lvl 60 raid , which is located beyond Глубины Черной горы in the deepest part of Черная гора.

Set contains :Кенарийский пояс Zone drop,Кенарийские наручи Zone drop,Кенарийские сапоги dropped by Люцифрон - 21% drop chance,Кенарийские одежды dropped by Големагг Испепелитель - 22% ,Кенарийские перчатки dropped by Шаззрах - 36% ,Кенарийский шлем dropped by Гарр - 18% ,Кенарийские поножи dropped by Магмадар - 19% ,Кенарийский наплеч dropped by Барон Геддон - 26% .

Wearing more pieces of this set will convey bonuses to your character.

  • 3 pieces: Increases Intellect by 10.
  • 5 pieces: Increases your critical strike by 28.
  • 8 pieces: Reduces the cooldown of your Tranquility spell by 15% and increases the damage done by your Hurricane spell by 15%.


Гарр - НИП - World of Warcraft


Комментарий от Suricate

A bit of lore from the Thunderfury questline:

"Garr is described as one of the lieutenants of Ragnaros who carried out the betrayal of Lord Thunderaan, the Prince of Air and otherwise referred to as the "Windseeker." During the Elemental Sundering, Ragnaros sought to consume Thunderaan, and did so by having his two lieutenants, Baron Geddon and Garr perpetrate him. Thunderaan, caught off guard, was utterly destroyed. Ragnaros almost completely consumed Thunderaan's essence, and stored the rest within a talisman of elemental binding. Ragnaros cleaved this talisman into two equal pieces, to which he assigned Baron Geddon and Garr. The bindings are rare drops, both of which gathered can be used to forge Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker."_______________________________________________

Strategy (taken from wowwiki.com)

The more warlocks in a group, the easier this battle will be, but this strategy still works with only a couple. Each warlock is assigned one of the firesworn. For that specific firesworn, a warlock must keep the firesworn banished and have a voidwalker to tank it in between banish breaks. Every firesworn that is not assigned to a warlock must then be offtanked and killed by dps. During the fight, the group will benefit the most if all of the mobs are kept spread out, so as to prevent any difficulties with explosions and Garr's debuff abilities.

Caution: when firesworns die they explode, causing large amounts of damage to all surrounding group members. When they are about to die, melee must get away from firesworns so as to save health and save healer mana.

When all tank-assigned firesworn are down, the group can then focus on Garr, which should be tanked by the MT from the very start of the fight. Warlocks must remember keep their targets banished at least until Garr falls.

Once Garr is dead the raid needs to kill the remaining banished firesworn one at a time.

Комментарий от joshka

the drop percentage of thunderfury is what keeps the high end raid guilds (the naxx ones) keep coming to kill garr and geddon. garr, as mentioned, requires many warlocks and a few tanks. also, for fun, try hugging the last firesworn and see how high you can iceblock (mages).

Комментарий от Priestitue

Killing Garr!

Garr Abilities:

Each time an add dies, Garr gets a buff to his attack speed and damage.

Garr has an AOE that dispells all the raid's buffs and also slows movement speed.

Whenever one of the adds is about to die, it explodes, causes massive AOE damage to everyone around it, and sends them all flying.

Eventually Garr starts sacrificing the adds, causing them to explode even if you aren't killing them.

Garr's a Shaman. He snares, he purges, he bloodlusts when his friends die.

Garr Set-Up:

Have a Paladin pull Garr with Divine Shield or have the Warrior use a bow pull.

Four of Garr's adds should be banished by Warlocks. Assign targets beforehand. You may find that having a Warlock only banish the adds is better than trying to have them multi-tasking (DPS and banish).

The remaining four adds need to be tanked and killed. Kill them one by one, making sure that the melees step away before they die, as each explodes upon death. They must be tanked relatively close to Garr, as they deal more damage if they are far away

Kill Garr after the four adds. After Garr is killed, the other adds must be killed.

Комментарий от Satarus

After he dies, Lava Surgers will no longer respawn.

Комментарий от epicwarrior

has anyone here killed him and looted him because it says that his wealth is 3400g is that right?

Комментарий от Weyhe

is the thunderfury drop still rly low drop rate ?

Комментарий от loky3000

For those interested, Garr was solo-ed by a lvl 70 warrior on the US realms.


Quite interesting, considering 40 people used to wipe on him :p

Комментарий от Euros


Комментарий от SaintHermit

Yesterday, with 5 other friends, i came back MC as a Tankadin for the legendary weapon Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker.After killing some mobs we faced Garr. The mobs are very easily for us now, but everyone should take care the 18min respawn of Ancient Core Hound. Note that Garr is 3 levels upon us but the Firesworns are still 60 elite.Our strategy is as below. I aggro and pick up 8 Firesworns. Meanwhile, one hunter misdirect Garr to our warrior tank. DPS focus on Garr first. And one healer is enough for the two tanks.Here is experience of tanking Firesworns. NO banish is need until Garr is dead. Because they could hardly hit me, a T5 geared tankadin. There're always Miss/Dodge/Parry/Block scrolling. The most hurt comes from their Immolate. However, as a paladin, i could Clease the DoT on sight. The Firesworns will become enraged after Garr's death and hit me about 800 after block of 600+ value. So at this time, the healer turn to me, and warrior tank taunt one away from me, and warlock banish one. Then fire at will and kill them all.We didn't find the Right Half this time, however i got the Left Half luckily minutes later from Baron Geddon. =D

Комментарий от Overhead

As I recall, the Antimagic pulse will only remove Magic effect. The description says that'll remove elixirs, but I know from experience that it does not. I also know that it does not remove the buff given by Mark of the Dragon Lord.

Комментарий от Corbon

Was completely solo'd by a guildie Warrior in T6 gear (who's currently farming TF for kicks). He used invisible potions and a Soulstone to get past some otherwise unavoidable trash groups. In order to heal himself up against Garr, he used Figurine of the Colossus and the Gnomereagan Autoblocker as trinkets. Took a long time but it's possible and quite remarkable.

Комментарий от djsixpack14

Soloable by Prot Warriors and Paladins with the necessary gear. Recommended stats include passive unbuffed uncrushability with 650+ block value.

Комментарий от Nishtai

I soloed this boss (3rd of september 2008) as a prot warrior with 92% passive unbuffed uncrushability and with roughly 670+ shield block value, this can be done in pre 25 man gear (karazhan ZA) - avoidance stats and Defense gemming is the key, gem Parry/dodge gems if u get an avoidance socketbonus, if not go for the Defense gems.According to my Flask buff the fight took me roughly 45min

No need to think about stamina/health since with 100% avoidance u wont be hit ever (or very little if u dont have enough Block value to block whole melee attacks).The only thing that could hurt u is the Elemental Adds self-explode ability.

since i had 92% avoidance i got hit some times and i had to use a total of 10 health pots to keep me alive, started to use pots at roughly 60% of Garr's life - and then a pot every ~5-10%.

some hints to this is to gem Defense in every socket if u dont get Avoidance socket bonus, get the 12def & 10% SBV Meta gem, 15 block on shield enchant, Def on cloak/chest/bracers/gloves (LW item iirc) agi on boots/gloves (alternate to def) and my personal enchant of choice on weapon is 20 agi instead of Mongoose.

also u guys thinking only ppl in T6 gear could do this, think again - if u got both karazhan and ZA on farm u can easely get some nice avoidance gear but if u do like me and try with incomplete Avoidance gear, bring @#$% loads of health pots/warlock health stones and some Nightmare Seeds, it will help alot along with the Gnomeregan Autoblocker & Figurine of the Collosus trinket combo.

hope this helps a little :)

Комментарий от Pierson

This can now be done extremely easily in entry-level 80 raiding gear by a warrior. Getting to him is harder as you want to avoid pulling any Firelord packs (as the continually spawning adds will eventually murder you).

You'll need:

Semi-neccessary depending on your gear quality/block value:


If you're lucky enough to have all four you can easily regen up to 50% of your health every three minutes, more than enough to heal through him.

Комментарий от Jagno

If attempting to do Garr with only a few people, here are some notes:- You can kill all of the adds one by one and then the boss last. This might seem obvious, but back in the early days of Molten Core, alot of people were convinced that if you did this (and didn't save at least 1 add from death) that Garr would either enrage or begin summoning Magmakin to wipe the group. Whether or not that was ever the case, it isn't now. All the adds can safely die before Garr.- The adds explode on death, which can knock back everyone nearby. This is mostly resisted at level 80, but just to be safe, don't kill them near your healer.

Комментарий от adamb10

Soloed @ 80 as protection warrior. Gear was mostly naxx stuff. Had no trouble really. Popped shield block and my dodge trinket everytime the CD was up and shockwave, thunderclap to kill the adds. Getting to garr is the hardest, trying to avoid firelords packs.

Комментарий от Aerxas

As a level 80 Unholy DPS Death Knight in almost full blue tanking gear and 491 defence, I soloed Garr. But it sure wasn't any easy task! His adds pretty much owned me a couple of times but I managed to do it at the 4th try.

Remember to not loot the Core Hounds around. And use Icebound Fortitude whenever you can! Keep Diseases and pestilence up on all targets and make sure to Death Strike as much as you can. Anti-Magic Shield whenever you get too many of the DoTs.

After you've managed to kill his small guardians he's VERY easy. However I found this guy a lot harder than ZG and Onyxia.

Didn't drop any Bindings however, hope it will. Baron Geddon owned my ass however so.

Screenie: http://img241.imageshack.us/img241/8071/wowscrnshot122508000702sf2.jpg

Комментарий от animeka

Gave this a bash yesterday as lvl 80 prot pally 520 def and got hammered got him to about 85% but he removes BoS so no more mana makes pallies life hard but will be going back to do some more old school stuff

Комментарий от Kagemaro

Managed to solo this as a t7.5 geared feral in full tank gear, although it is quite a tricky fight. Start off with a barkskin and enraged berserk to nuke down some adds quickly, had to first pop frenzied after the 3rd add died. After the 5th add died, used dodge trinket + barkskin to heal up to full. The remaining adds were fairly low due to swipe/maul and were easily finished off. When you've just got Garr left, with LotP healing, you can just about keep up with his +78% attack speed damage but it's still not impossible to get a decent chunk of HP back with barkskin heals if the situation arises.

Комментарий от lolitsessix

Just solo'd as a lvl80 prot paladin. Geared in mostly 10-25 man Naxx pieces. Very, very easy kill, just took a bit of time to get everything down (I even had an extra corehound aggro right at the start!)

Pretty much keep sanct and RF on yourself (he'll get rid of the buffs if you didn't know..), and pretty much just hammer everything and consecrate. Use seal of light/wisdom when you're in need of health and/or mana. Didn't even need to shield wall.. :)

Goodluck, and keep on tanking!

Комментарий от Necroon

Solo'd as Holy Paladin... about 15 min fight... easy kill when the adds has despawnet..

Lighteyes of Ravencrest

Комментарий от Flagg

Solo'd as Tankadin, easy boss, the only problem could be its Antimagic Pulse (dispel one of your magic buf randomly) keep yourself buffed

Комментарий от Crysolice

Adding a few tips to soloing as a tankadin. Pretty much can get to garr without clearing anything, tank him up against the wall in between the edges of the core hound pat path. Make sure you rebuff your buffs as he dispels them, sanct is really important. While all of the adds are up, hit wings and hammer garr with everything you have, your mana shouldnt be an issue with sanct. As adds die, the fight becomes a lot more boring since you don't get nearly enough mana back. Well, at this point, yay for undispellable 30 min seals! What I do at this point is switch from seal of vengeance to light, and go afk for 20. Come back and he's dead :P Of course need to make sure you have the gear so his melee won't kill you. My tank set is pretty much naxx 10/25 gear mixed with blues since it's my offspec. If you can't outlast him like that, just keep rebuffing sanct and use divine plea when its up with wisdom seal. It'll be a bit quicker, but much slower than you were taking his health down with all the adds up ;)

If you're looking for thunderfury, a quick respec ret can net you a geddon kill in the same week as well :P Although I believe geddon can be soloed as prot as well, but I haven't had any personal experience with that xD

Комментарий от sogrom

it's very hard as bear, you can only use frenzied to heal, in caster the adds hit for 1k so it's hard to even outheal that, not to mention garr will dispel barskin and you're interrupted all the time. never managed to heal anything even with only 3 adds up.

Комментарий от Jinjiro

Can Be solo'd by a 80 DK, at least I did it Ðeath on Detheroc

Комментарий от despyz

I thought I would give some advice to any Death Knights who are trying to solo him. This is a bit long, but it may help you out if you read through :)

For starters I recommend being tanking spec. You can be blood, frost, or unholy - just make sure you have the 5/5/5 tanking talents.

Now there are a lot of players on the DK class forums that really just bs or exaggerate saying all old content "is a breeze" or is "ez." It all depends on your gear, but sadly that is not obvious to a lot of players... Read before giving yourself a repair bill!

You do NOT need any gear from Naxxramas or any 80 raid to solo this boss. However, you also can't just fight Garr as a fresh 80 DK in random greens and blues an expect to down him (most new DKs think you can do this because of the type of posts I mentioned above).

I soloed him for the first time on my DK in patch 3.09 as 10/51/10 (common frost tank spec). Now if you don't have super gear like I did, you can still take a beating. Garr is a pure meele raid boss and comes with adds. My stats weren't that amazing, so I was getting hit from Garr for 500-600 + his adds attacking too.

My stats were as followed:

25732 Armor (Frost Presence)543 Defense17.44% Dodge14.55% Parry24.7k HP (Frost Presence)

Prior to actually fighting Garr, I had to clear 4 adds. I had to kill 2 Molten Giants just before him, as well as the 2 Core Hounds that patrol between him.

- I started the fight off with my back against the wall and popped Army of the Dead. I marked a few mobs as Skull, X, etc before entering combat.

- Garr's adds have approximately 61000 hitpoints. My Army of the Dead just barely helped me kill one add before they died. The main reason I used it was to burn down an add quickly to lift pressure and begin spreading diseases.

- While the adds are up you should only be focusing on killing them. Use Icy Touch and Plaguestrike on one mob, then spread the diseases with pestilence. Continue to spread the diseases which will slowly take down the adds and rotate in your Deathstrikes for self healing. Pop Icebound Fortitude, Lichborne (if you are specced it), and Unbreakable Armor (if you are specced it) every time they are off cooldown.

When Garr is the only one left the fight becomes a breeze. Do a normal DPS rotation and Deathstrike when you need health. RP Dump etc.

I killed him in Roughly 13 minutes and about 2 minutes after he died both Core Hounds respawned.

A few more things before I wrap up this ginormous post.

In the upcoming patch (3.1) there is going to be a lot of changes to DK talents (more so in the frost tree)

Unbreakable Armor will be changed and the cooldown will be increased to 2 minutes.Lichborne is pretty much becoming a PvP-sided talent. The 25% miss chance is being removed in the patch.

For the fight I also used Essence of Gossamer. It proc'd a few times and helped a bit with the adds, but it is not needed.

None of these upcoming patch changes should be "game breaking" for your solo attempt, but I think it's worth nothing these changes.

Next time I do this boss, I will probably go Blood Spec. Frost tanking for soloing old raid content is actually the weakest of the three specs. This is because your primary source of healing is Deathstrike. As frost, you only have two diseases, so your Deathstrike will heal for less than Unholy (mine was healing for around1700 non-crit). As Unholy tank spec you should have Crypt Fever which is more healing from Deathstrike. As Blood Tank spec you should have Improved Rune Tap.

I recommend anyone's first attempt, especially if you are under geared, to go as Blood. The self healing is amazing and you may not even have to Deathstrike. Blood is also fantastic for this fight due to Heartstrike now being a Cleave attack.

Happy soloing and bye bye for now!

Комментарий от Kosic

Just solo'd this moments ago as a Ret paladin.

I also did Geddon before hand, which was an easier fight compared to this.

Anyways, i didn't do it with my raiding gear, instead i took out my healing gear + my defence shield from Malygos 25man.

Also had the 3 pieces of the blacksmith frost resistance plate gear, for the extra hp.

So around 20k hp and 14.6k mana, with 1400spell-1600spell and 25% crit with spells.

For the start of the fight, i buffed up, kings, and sacred shield, and seal of wisdom. All i did during the 8 adds of the fight, was just self heal with Con aura up, and laid my consecration on the ground, and use my Divine Storm and my Judgement of Wisdom, to regen mana back to a safe point.

After 2-3 adds were down, i managed to aggro a Core hound >.<

But the Core Hound didn't do anything major to the fight, it was going pretty smooth after the first few adds.

I didn't use judgement of light (switched to wisdom after my first attempt). I used my Divine Shield during the first few adds when the healing got hard, and lay of hands was in CD from my first attempt.

I didn't bother dispelling anything apart from the fire dot he does, also didn't bother rebuffing kings, due to getting in the way of a GCD.

I am spec 0/10/61 (pve ret).

I got no binding from this, hopefully next week! atleast i know i can solo this now. =]

I forgot to open my raid pannel, but my first picture shows me fighting Garr around 36% with an offline lvl 6 hunter in my raid party.http://img10.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=wowscrnshot041009021239.jpg

Комментарий от nemspyda

3.1 has turned Garr into a real joke for Feral Druids. All his adds mean that Savage Defense is almost constantly procced so it's just a case of swiping them down and then tediously cutting through Garr till he drops.

Just kill the two patrolling corehounds after stealthing to his room then fight him against the right hand wall.

Комментарий от Harakiri23

soled as unholy/blood 80DK with only blues 20k HP 460Def 20k armor on first try

I killed the adds just using death strike/runestrike and refreshing my disease with pestilance (i have the glpyh) - the first 2 adds were a bit close, i got below 5k health - but after that it was a cake - only pressing 2 buttons - sometimes a rune tap too

You dont need good equip todo this, seems with the 3.1 DK death strike nerf/improvment it was easy (fixed amount of healing with 3 diseases)

was funny - he didnt drop ANY gold


Комментарий от nomadicdruid

Not sure what you mean by his adds keeping Savage Defense proc'd, when it relies on you critting.

Sidenote: beware the magic debuff the Ancient Core Hounds put on you, slows your attack speed - meaning less chance of proc'ing Savage Defense since you're hitting less.

Комментарий от Wushy

Perfectly soloable by any decent geared protection warrior at level 80.Make sure all the adds aswell as Garr are in front of you.Keep up demoralizing shout aswell as thunderclap and focus your attention on Garr and do as high DPS as you can. Every time you reach 70% hp (should not happen more than twice in the fight) you use enraged regeneration. And voilá, soloed. Good luck farming bindings ;)

Комментарий от ivod

tried to solo as lvl 80 pala, 2002sp, naxx 10/25 and heroic geared

it is hard, I almost got him, but went oom too fast, so:

if you're a healer and try to solo him... get VERY good gear, or change to dps specc

Комментарий от Casiru

Full furious retribution paladin: solo'd without any special tactics.Even aggro'd a corehound on accident.Keep sacred shield up, the dispell is really slow and is likely to hit something else anyway.Hardest part of the fight was when I panic'd from the damage at the start. Then I realized my divine storm was healing me for 10k and all was good.

Killed all adds including hound before the boss, then killed him. He does rediculously low damage that an be outhealed easily.

Комментарий от Almarsguides

Duo'd as with a Ret Pally DK combo. Video of it is below. I'll be soloing him soon once I get some prot gear, was a fun fight.


Комментарий от Ethlin

Soloed for several weeks now on my prot Paladin. Not hard at all as prot. Only thing to remember, is that he purges, so remember to keep rebuffing Sanctuary, at least until all his adds die.

No bindings yet :(

(Although Baron did drop his)

Комментарий от Almar

Me and a friend went into MC recently and took out a lot of the bosses. I made a video of each of the boss encounters, to check the video out head over to the link below:


Комментарий от nyctric

First defeated by Conquest of Kilrogg (Alliance) on the 29th of January, 2005.

Комментарий от MooxSigerIntet

This can be soloed by a level 80 Feral Druid (Tank)

Stats :

36567 Health Points27599 Armor37,67 % Dodge5079 Attack Power6,50 % Expertise38,42 % Crit

Easyest boss to solo.

Got him down first try, hope this inspire some Feral Druids :) Good luck

Комментарий от Miwna

In T8.5 my protection paladin took a total of 27k damage. He is indeed very easy to solo, compared to the more tricky Geddon.

Комментарий от Archean

Soloable as a ret paladin. You don't need to go sword and board either. Stay with SoL and JoL, and go to town on the adds and bring them down asap. LoH or shield if you need to and save AoW procs to heal until you get at least 5 of them down, then you can switch seals if you want as you finish the rest of the adds and finally garr himself.

Комментарий от seizmik

Impossible to solo as a Hunter since the boss dispels Mend Pet :(.

Комментарий от Deionarra

Soloed it as a lvl 80 affliction warlock.

This boss, along with Baron Geddon, were the hardest for me to solo in Molten Core. The hard part is the fact that he has 8 adds and your voidwalker has to build enough threat very very fast on all of them, because he will need a lot of healing and it's extremely easy to pull aggro at that point. Once I managed to get that under control, i put up CoW on each add and then picked them off one by one. When the boss is the only one left standing it's easy to finish him off.

Комментарий от mapaa

How to solo MC as a prot/ret paladin

Even if your gear isn't perfect (like mine), you should be able to solo everything... except Gehennas. What my pally is wearing is a mix of blue (crafted) PvP and epic PvP gear. My 2H weapon is also blue.

For prot spec it's the same gear plus Tankard O'Terror and Titansteel Shield Wall with Titanium Shield Spike.

As you can see - it's nothing special, but enough to make MC soloing easy as pie.



Lucifron: Very easy fight as prot. You should focus on him. His two adds will die sooner or later. Mana/life won't be a problem with three mobs on you. Use SoL/JoL, Ret Aura and keep SS up.

Before pulling him, clear 1 pack of corehounds. Remember that they all have to die at the same time or very close to each other.

Difficulty: 1/5 (~12-15 minutes)

Magmadar: Clear two (or more) packs before him. I'm too lazy so I always do just one pack, but it's better to be safe than sorry - right?

Easy, but long and annoying fight. He fears you every couple of seconds (15-20?). And that's your only problem here. Other than that it's all about keeping your SS up and hitting him as hard as you can while you can.

After each fear make sure you're standing in the back of his cave or you'll be feared into the corehound pack(s).

Use SoL/JoL, FR Aura and prepare for very long and boring fight.

Difficulty: 1/5 (~20-25 minutes)

Gehennas: Unless you're in great gear and very lucky, bring a friend - druid or shaman. This fight is hard and I hate running back, so I always do it last with my shammy friend. All you really need is decursing and you'll be able to kill him as ret in 8 minutes.

Keep SS up, SoC and JoL, SR Aura.

Difficulty: 5/5 (solo) or 1/5 with decursing friend

Garr: Another easy, but long and boring fight. Not as annoying as Mag, but still pretty boring.

Go as prot. He will dispell most of your buffs so don't bother. I'm not even recasting Sanc, it's a waste of time and mana.

Use Ret Aura, SoL/JoL, keep SS up and kill all adds one by one. You can keep one or two alive for procs and switch to Garr if you want, but they will die soon anyway. After that it gets pretty boring so pull some lava guys or core hounds if you want or just go afk for 15-18 minutes.

Difficulty: 1/5 (~20-25 minutes)

Baron Geddon: I have some green/blue mix of FR gear for this fight. It's all from AH, mostly mail and two plate pieces. With Lesser Flask of Resistance and FR aura, it's 399 Fire resistance. More than enough.

Before pulling him, clear two lava packs. They're super easy I'm always pulling them together.

Once cleared, switch to Ret for this fight. Use FR Aura and FR gear (aim for 300 FR with gear, aura and flask). This fight is fun and challenging, but not too hard if you know what to do.

Pull him back into the tunnel, so you won't take huge fall damage. He casts annoying Bomb spell on you every couple of seconds.

There are two main things to remember here: 1) CLEANSE Mana burn the second it's on you or die;2) RUN from his hellfire ... or die;

Yes, you will resist most of his hellfire damage, but it goes up every tick - e.g. 1st is 80 (300 resisted), 2nd is 150 (500 resisted)... and before you know it, it's 3600, 4000...

Mana burn HURTS and KILLS. Cleansing is your main priority here. Also remember to recast your SS even BEFORE it expires.

How to fight him: pull him back, hit him hard, run from his hellfire, bomb should be on you soon. Heal to full with instant FoL and hit him hard again. Make sure SS is up, save your instant heal ... explode, heal and hit him hard again while in the air, use instant heal again after landing. Drop Consecration and run from him if he's casting hellfire.

Always make sure your SS is up and cleanse mana burn. Use Divine Plea every time it's off cooldown.

Difficulty: 3/5 (~15-20 minutes)

Shazzrah: Very easy fight. Switch to prot or keep Ret if you feel brave. All you have to do is keeping your SS up and kill him when he stands. SoL, JoL, Ret Aura. Use FoL to heal ONLY if it's instant proc from AoW. Prot doesn't need any healing.

Difficulty: 1/5 (~12-18 minutes)

Golemag: Love this boss because of his loot table.

The fight is pretty easy and won't take long. Go prot, keep FR aura, SoL/JoL and SS up. Hit him hard while you can, mana/hp won't be a problem. At 20 stacks of armor debuff, switch to one of his dogs, get back all your mana, wait till the debuff wears off and go back to Gol. Rinse and repeat.

Difficulty: 1/5 (~15-20 minutes)

Sulfuron Harbinger: Another easy, but not boring fight. Go prot, keep Ret Aura, SoL/JoL and SS up. Focus on healers. Cleanse everything they cast on you and make sure they're always in front of you. Go crazy, cast everything you have incl. consecration.

You won't be killing them until they're OOM, but after that they'll drop like flies. Once they're all dead, kill Sulf, loot him and prepare for Domo.

Difficulty: 1/5 (~15-22 minutes)

Majordomo Executus: After all other bosses are down, Domo will spawn with 8 (i guess) adds. There's nothing special about this fight. Basically do the same as with Sulfuron. Focus on healers and then switch to his guards. You don't have to kill Domo. :)

Difficulty: 2/5 (~18-20 minutes)

Ragnaros: Bring two or three weapons, and prepare for long, long fight. Stay prot.

The biggest problem here is his knockback so make sure you will land on the big rock everyone's talking about. Or take around 12k dmg.

Keep FR Aura, Flask and FR gear. Use SoL/JoL and SS. Heal after each knockback to (almost) full. Try to hit him hard, always use everything off cooldown. Keep SS up.

Sons phase is easy and it's your chance to get to full HP/MP. You will love this phase. :)

If you don't feel like wasting your time here, bring a friend. One is more than enough. Shamans are great - basically anything ranged with some kind of healing.

Difficulty: 3/5 (~60-80 minutes solo // 15 mins with friend)

Комментарий от Limbslicerlol

yo dis &*[email protected]# b like molten yo

Комментарий от Corbon

You're not supposed to kill Executus anyway. In fact, you can't.

Комментарий от ellbereth

Solo'd him as an enhn shammy. The hardest part of this fight is the beginning when his adds are up.

The best way I found was to pretty much pop everything in the beginning to get the adds down. I popped shammy rage for reduced dmg...at the end of that popped wolves and hero. By the time wolves are gone your shammy rage is up again. When your wolves are up use mael for lightening or chain lightening bolts....you gotta get as many of the adds down asap. Usually by the time wolves and hero are down, I only have 1-2 adds up...then just dps them down.

Garr himself hits like a girl, so just use mael whenever you need it...better to be safe and heal yourself if your below 75%. Realllllly easy once the adds are down....but super hard when the adds are up.

Комментарий от Namnalia

Soloing him as a Warlock:

Basically, there are three viable tactics:

Tank & Spank:

Send your pet (VV / FG) in and try to hit as many of the adds as well as Garr himself before you need to heal it for the first time. Applying CoW on all adds that have already been hit helps a lot, as does marking the adds and clever use of the AoE-Taunt. When you have to heal for the first time, you'll most probably get aggro by at least two of the adds. This is the crucial dont-panic moment, just pick them up while healing your pet to full hp and try to stay alive using meta (adds hit less hard), a pot or your health stone. When all the adds are glued to your pet, you basically won: Nuke one down hard and fast, rinse and repeat until Garr is the only one left. He'll hit harder now, but still does not endanger your pet, so just kill him off and be done. As a side note, don't stand anywhere where the add's explosions could throw you into other mobs. Banning one of the adds in the beginning is an option but not really needed (and you'll have to pick it up later anyway).

Dirty trick:Pull with an imp, run and teleport through the tunnel heading to Geddon, fast-summon your tank-pet, send it on Garr, jump into the lava and start healing your pet. The Adds will evade and Garr can be killed off easily. For some strange reason, Garr sometimes teleports you to himself during the pull which will end things very fast for you, so don't rely on this tactic too much.

Hardcore version:Pull Garr with a Voidwalker, activate Metamorphosis, chain-seed adds, use every cd you have to stay alive (including VV shield) and bomb them all within several seconds (don't forget Immolation Aura as well to finish them off). Definitely the most spectacular way to beat him.

Комментарий от xexok

Easy isnt even the word for it, its beyond that. I am a paladin tank in not so great gear, I have some t9 and other regular heroic gear my gear score is around 4200. I just sat there and AOE'd til his adds died and watched and with seal of light + judgement of light I would not drop below 98 or 99% health. One he was at 400k life left I literally went outside to smoke a cigarette and came back and I was at 20k hp out of 30k and he was down another 100k health.

With my semi-ok gear using seal + judgement of light is needed if you dont wanna do much work. Without the judgement you will slowly get hurt, might die if you went afk for 15-20 minutes but thats about it. This has got to be the easiest boss in here from what I have seen and heard from people.

I was writing this as I killed him actually, went back and finished him off and my first kill of a boss in that instance solo and finally got my Schematic: Force Reactive Disk . :)

Комментарий от Soulcorruptr

Soloed him today as an 80 Holy Priest, 5751 GS.

Had to modify my build by adding two points of searing light (to increase nova damage), and glyphed inner fire and holy nova.

Rough fight. Couldn't do him as Shadow because the adds are a pushback/inner fire charge sapping/annoyingly high damage nightmare.

Basically, pull the lot, keep renew up on yourself (Garr will obliterate your buffs on a regular basis, but you need the extra hp/s), and flash heal spam when you're getting low. Spam Holy Nova whenever you can. Refresh inner fire whenever it drops off, and shield to give yourself a little bit of breathing room on the inner fire charges. If things get hairy, guardian spirit and top yourself off.

Once the adds are down you're in a position where you shouldn't be able to be killed. Garr will attack you really fast, but you can heal and regen enough to keep yourself perpetually going. Unfortunately, it's going to be a long fight. Outlasting him took me just over 15 mins, but, it can be done.

Комментарий от Danaan

Just soloed as an enhancement shaman. He is hard but doable. During is adds are up he hits very hard and you have to take out every add before engaging the boss.

You don't need FR. Don't buff yourself with magic because he dispels everything, even heroism! So keep your heroism till the point where he dispels and then use it. Keep your maelstrom for healing because the damage will be heavy after your wolves disappear.

I started with my fire elemental and wolves, after they died / disappeared I used shamanistic rage and did the last ones. From then it will be easy to kill him.

After he dies the rock elementals don't respawn anymore.

Комментарий от Tigerarmy666

Solo'd with an Enh shammy, mostly 232 gear, some 251s.

The first time around he swept the floor with me.

Second time around, I read up a bit more and tried downing adds first. Its ridiculously easy if you kill all the adds off. My fire elemental was killed right away, ended up using magma totem, it still worked out just fine. After adds are down its pretty straightforward. Heal with MWx5 procs yadda yadda loot corpse profit :) Happy farming.

Комментарий от asherkobin

I was very luck for this to drop on my one and only attempt to solo stuff in MC. I've had it for a year now with no thought of doing anything more with it. But now I wonder if it has value for a guild trying to complete Thunderfury.

Комментарий от ZcrazyG

Is this still soloable as a Bloodthirst warrior with the new 4.0 patch?

Комментарий от Altrusion

Hes easy to solo as a ret paladin.

Build 3 holy power, divine storm. 3 holy power divine storm.... 3 powa 1 storm, and keep them comming.

When the adds are going down you need to switch from using divine storm to word of glory and accept the dps loss, but in the end he goes down and you get shinies.

Комментарий от Zereketh

It would appear that our dear friend Garr has become a chef.

Комментарий от Archean

Garr makes an appearance once again in Cataclysm! He will be a rare elite group boss that roams near the northwestern part of sulfuron spire. He has roughly 25.8 million hp and comes with 4 firesworn adds, each with 801k hp.


Комментарий от Kuruui

Garr is now easily soloable as a rogue. I'm full 277 with some 284 equipped and specced combat for this (raiding as mutilate).

Between Imp. Recuperate, 15k armor through Reinforced Leather, 36k health and base >60% dodge (wearing two dodge trinkets) and 5% parry, I killed Garr with all his adds and accidently pulled a core hound and a molten giant, without ever dropping below 80% health.

Just keep Recuperate and Slice n Dice up, use (glyphed) Evasion approprietly and keep 5-cp finishing for Restless Blades. I advise to refrain from using Killing Spree, as it inadvertly will turn your back to some of the adds and this could be problematic for people with lower gear.

A guild rogue of mine with mainly 5-man heroic gear killed him, too, so it should be possible for any rogue with reasonable gear.

Комментарий от forgottenring

FOR MAGES 85+:Make sure you tank Garr near the back of the area where he is. I've had a few times where the stomps send mirror images all over the place. If you didn't kill trash around Garr, they can sometimes fly into those packs and cause problems. Anyways, bust out your Mirror Images and kill all the little guys. After you've dps down the adds just go nuts on Garr. As long as you have Frost Armor Molten Armor up Garr won't hit you for much even if he dispels Ice Barrier.

Happy farming! Fingers crossed for a binding drop!


Originally fought this guy as a 80 frost mage with mostly ilevel 264/277 gear.Garr and his rock babies... Mages this is a fight where your Water Elemental will shine as a tank (make sure you have rank 3 of Permafrost to heal him best). This fight is not a tough one thankfully. This boss is all about the adds once you kill them Garr is easy. Garr will dispel any raid buffs (Fort, Wild, Kings, or Int) or magical shields (i.e. Ice Barrier) you have very frequently if in 45 yards of him. No flasks or food buffs will be dispelled, kings drums will be though so don't waste em. It's not too terrible but can be annoying. If this bothers you just make you have your elem tank him way in the back by the wall while you pull the adds away to the front (kill the packs around the room for this). However, it's not gonna be a game changer.

Have your elem pull Garr and his adds to where you want Garr at and as soon as squirty has good aggro on Garr pull the adds away from the boss. Once you have them far enough away hit Mirror Image then all your dps cooldowns. This is the only point in the fight where you have a high danger of dying is killing the adds. They hit for a decent amount and 8 of them hitting you at once hurts bad. So make good time and kill as many as you can while your images are up. DO NOT AOE THEM. It's a waste of time the damage will not be enough to kill any of them. Single target them down. Once your images disappear use ice lance and cone of cold (to get more chances at a Fingers of Frost proc) liberally to stay on the move and chip down the remaining adds without having all of them beating on you, use your shields! They have 61k HP killing them fast should not be a problem. Deep Freeze and Brain Freeze works great on these guys. Once the adds are down heal up with an Evocation or bandages. This is the slow part of fight because you'll want to play it safe and let blue jello tank till your mirror images come off of cooldown. Watch your aggro because since Garr randomly dispels buffs you may get unlucky and he'll dispel your Ice Barrier while on cooldown and that's bad if you're tanking him. (Rock fists in the face hurt like... well... a rock fist in the face.) Just do a Frostbolt or Ice Lance every now and again to keep waterboy healed. You can probably spam Ice Lance for quite a while and not pull threat to keep him up since it won't crit for much without Fingers of Frost. And that's it pop image, dps cooldowns, kill him.

05/07/2011: Edited out a lot of the unneeded and outdated info in the original post.

FINAL EDIT: EDITALITY! Kept original outdated post for posterity and tweaked the 85+ strat for Pandaria. Because covering yourself in lava is better protection than solid ice now.

Комментарий от Neazy

If you're normally mutilate, you don't have to switch for combat to solo stuff. At first I thought it would be better like Kuruul because of reinforced leather, but then I looked at the actual numbers. Reinforced leather gives me around 9.5% extra physical damage reduction in 264/277 gear. Deadened Nerves in assassination is 10% reduced damage from all sources, including magic. Since mutilate is higher dps anyways, you don't need to switch to combat just to solo stuff. Just make sure you take deadened nerves, imp recuperate and relentless strikes. Basically, you can use your PvP build.

When I do Garr I don't use any tank gear either. Just my raid gear with spell hit and expertise capped. If you really wanna get fancy, you could reforge your gear until bosses can't parry you anymore for a nice dps increase. But it's not necessary. The glyphs I used were mutilate, rupture, vendetta, sprint, evasion, and cloak of shadows. Easiest way to kill him is to open with a garrote on an add for the energy regen, then start spamming fan of knives (use deadly poison on your thrown) to take down his adds. When you're down to about 70% health, hit evasion and let recup heal you. Keep spamming fan of knives until the adds are low, then single target them dead. When it's down to just Garr and 1-2 adds left they won't be able to out dps your recuperate and it should be easy from there.

I've also done it by killing the adds 1 at a time with a single target rotation, but I was down to about 5k health by the time all the adds were dead. Not recommended.

Комментарий от Mykal

This guy is now also a rare in Mount Hyjal. A VERY tough rare too. Skull boss with 25767k HP.

Комментарий от mlbreds2004

Seen Garr this evening in Hyjal (38,77) between Sulfuron Spires and Sethria's Roost. Was surrounded by 8 level 86 elite adds, and seemed to be more of a rare elite world boss with 25,787k hp....He looked at me and I died....watch out, this one isn't cake...yet.

Комментарий от neosable

he can 1 shot kill 50-60k hp tanks , dont try to kill him yet

Комментарий от lilymaiden

Blizz hotfixed him. He's IMPOSSIBLE to solo now and basically a new world boss like the dragon in darkshire. One shotted shaman with 39k and 16k overkilled. One shotted my pally too

Комментарий от swilson191

Garr just killed on Shattered Hand US - Horde

8 adds with 800k each health (can be individually peeled and killed)Garr with 25 million

Комментарий от HyacinTB

My guild downed him last night in Hyjal. Took about 21 or 22 of us ... funny thing is someone posted I believe to the official forums and was told he is a heroic 5-man level world boss.

He dropped a rare healy plate piece I believe it was. I've uploaded my data but I guess they'll need to see a few more hits before they update his loot table or more likely create a seperate NPC entry for his new level and location.

Комментарий от zitzi

Killed this guy as the rare he is in mount hyjal, was about 20 players between level 80-83, not that hard, easily healtroughed, i 1 man tanked him.

He uses 1 AoE that he channels=Run away (don't remember the name, sorry)If you get hit by it, it 1 shots you and blows you away.

Dropped a blue/rare quality plate waist that went to the gbank :)

Was really fun (for some weird reason, maybe me being overtired as hell)

Комментарий от Scandral

The MC boss (not the rare) can now be solo'ed by hunters, as pets have 3 times more health than they did at level 80, so him dispelling mend pet isn't nearly as much of an issue as it was. You can just nuke the boss and worry about the adds later, as they don't hit very hard at all.

Комментарий от KandyCane

Well since all rare outdoor bosses in Cataclysm are meant to be 5-man bosses, it's not so surprising that a 20-man group didn't have any troubles with him.

Комментарий от Redemption86

I've noticed there's no set up for Garr in Hyjal so i'll use this here.

I encountered him earlier today in mount hyjal he has 25million hp and comes with his firesworn who have around 800k health each and explode upon death. The good news is the adds can be pulled away from Garr without aggroing him, they also give hydraxian waterlords rep ^^.

The fight against Garr in Hyjal is pretty straight forward there's nothing for the casters and healers to look out for, however the melee and tanks need to be alert as he has an ability called eruption which will one shot you if your hit by it and to make things extra fun he applies a slow to all melee and the tank which makes escaping eruption almost impossible unless it's dispelled. (explodey times are explodey)

The truly hard part of this however is keeping him in one place, Garr seems leashed to a small arena and running out of eruption can cause him to evade easily, we countered this by fighting him inbetween two small trees on the ground and brought him back to that position after eruption.

In all not such a difficult encounter but fun none the less, hope this helped anyone that spots him.

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His loot table is final as far as i know. The gear the rare world bosses drop at the moment is on par with heroic gear, since they are supposed to be killed with 5 people.

Which you cannot at the moment unless you really know what you're doing and have so good gear that the drops won't please you at all.

Комментарий от blazzerm

Garr didn't drop any gold for me tonight. Unsure if this is standard.

Комментарий от Mstightmami

As said before Garr now appears in Mount Hyjal as a rare just west of the spire. He has 25M hp and about 8 adds.

The adds can be pulled one by one and have about 800k hp. A 5 man group can easilly take these adds... I'd say they hit about 20k and crit maybe 50k.

We defeated Garr himself with about 15 people... He has an eruption spell and when that is casted u wanna get away from his as fast as possible or you will die... Good news is gy isnt that far away so you can run back and rejoin the fight once you have died... Our melee died about 5 times and had to run back but range of course had no issues.

As long as the melee runs back once they have died you'll have no issues taking him down...

As for what he drops... nothing to special just a boe blue...

Is he worth it... eh not really...

Комментарий от Nobbel

Guides for how to solo MoltenCore. 1 hour, around 500gold.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_NzTJ_W-X0Yhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kiNnvsXfhg

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as a demon lock took me to clear all bosses within 43min,easy 500g/week worth it.it's been a long time (2years) that i farming for right half but seems so Garr doesn't like me!

Комментарий от nintendorichard

Just soloed Garr as a Frost Mage. Have your Water Elemental aggro the boss and use Freeze to get aggro on the adds. Aggro the boss and burn him down. By the time your Water Elemental dies, the boss should be at ~50%. Summon another Water Elemental and have it use Freeze to get aggro on the adds. By the time this Water Elemental dies, the boss should be at ~20%. Use Cold Snap, resummon your Water Elemental, use Freeze on the adds, and burn down the boss. I used Mirror Images and Icy Veins at 20%. If any adds go towards you, have your Water Elemental Freeze it to get aggro again. Pretty easy with the right strategy :)

Комментарий от clibra

I got Garr's Bindings in 4 runs,and no Geddon's Bindings in 9 runs.Next week,i hope i get Geddon's Bindings and Eye of Sulfuras for two Feats of Strength.Use Blade Flurry,very easy.

Комментарий от AlBaz

Spawns in Hyjal, Suluron Spire. I found him + adds at 38.1, 71.6. I was on my own so left him in peace there

Комментарий от Majiktusk

As a warrior tank in mostly quest greens and dungeon blues, this is a very easy fight. Just focus on boss and the adds will die off from other attacks.

Комментарий от Ozirisa

He's so cute ^^

Комментарий от Brainznolmz

Been soloing Garr and Geddon for a few weeks now as a frost Mage. Kinda went like this:

•Pet freeze the Garr+Firesworn (as Garr moves all the firesworn retract closer to him for a second. Freeze then and you should get all of them)

•Pick off Garr with procced deep freeze and pop icy veins.

•Nuke down Garr until pet is dead from firesworn (with the proper talents the more damage you do the longer your pet should live. Also, keep close to the firesworn to prevent "seperation anxiety")

•Resummon pet and repeat. (your pet should be off cooldown when you begin the fight. Save cold snap.)

•When your pet is dead again pop cold snap and resummon yet again and repeat (remember to use icy veins again)

•When your pet begins to reach low health use mirror image and nuke Garr as fast a possible.

•Garr should be dead by now. Pop invisibility after looting to lose aggro on firesworn.

I did this with mostly 333 gear and about 95k health.

Комментарий от TheTWIBZ

For feral tanks, this fight is a lot easier if you use Berserk and kill all the mini adds, as Savage Defense is then not taken up by the little hits, but instead the boss.

Комментарий от Stjimmy

Wrong Garr, bro.

Комментарий от malcore1nathan

Bindings Dropped on about the 6th run for me, now i almost have all 10 bars, just waiting for the other half to drop, which i hope wont be to long!

Комментарий от Etreum

Yeah, there had to be another Garr, because the one in Mount Hyjal that appears as a rare is boss level and all his addons are 85 elites. I just saw two 85's getting killed in one hit by the addons.

Комментарий от Ozirisa

Easy and simple Garr tactic for Affliction warlocks:1. be sure that you have Demon Armor activated, cause it can be really hard with Fel Armor.2. Attack Firesworn with Haunt.3. After that send your Voidwalker to Garr and use Curse of Weakness on boss.4. Use Haunt on Fireworns whenever you can, spam with Drain Life to kill them and use Life Tap when it's needed.5. Heal Voidwalker if needed6. After killing Firesworns use Haunt on Garr, then put all DoTs, keep them active and keep using Drain Life and Life Tap.

Happy Garr-killing :)

Комментарий от Kyeld

solo'd in exactly 59 seconds as a combat rogue.

focused exclusively on Garr, but with bladefury active until we were down to 1-2 adds. with evasion and recuperate (talented), I never dropped below 95% health.

Комментарий от Kaptaniderya

Garr is described as one of the lieutenants of Ragnaros who carried out the betrayal of Lord Thunderaan, the Prince of Air and otherwise referred to as the "Windseeker." During the Elemental Sundering, Ragnaros sought to consume Thunderaan, and did so by having his two lieutenants, Baron Geddon and Garr perpetrate him. Thunderaan, caught off guard, was utterly destroyed. Ragnaros almost completely consumed Thunderaan's essence, and stored the rest within a talisman of elemental binding. Ragnaros cleaved this talisman into two equal pieces, to which he assigned Baron Geddon and Garr.

As one of the two chief lieutenants serving under Ragnaros, Garr plays a key role in the current success of the Firelord and his spreading influence. Garr, like Baron Geddon, holds half of Bindings of the Windseeker, which contains the remaining essence of Thunderaan, Prince of Air. Tales say that after centuries of partnership, Geddon became suspicious of Garr and felt the elemental sought both halves of the talisman. Thus, relations between the two powers are strained. Both Garr and Baron Geddon draw their considerable might from the blazing runes carved deep into the floor of Molten Core.

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why ppl talking about soloing him in cata? i did solo his rare verzion in hyjal:P /flex

Комментарий от Lazurianis

I just recieved my first binding off of Garr today and this is my experiences and suggestions:

One, if you are a pally (such as myself) put on Ret Aura, Seal of Righetouness (if Ret), and Blessing of Might (Obv :P) and your two main abilities for this fight will be; Consecration and Divine Storm. You will have to stay focused on Garr (esp if you are farther behind in gear like I am in Ret) that way you have most of your dps on Garr but the adds die as well. You probably will have to make Word of Glory one of your core abilities if you aren't prot or a 'shockadin' in here. And check out more info on how to solo Rag as well if you do not have a charge ect. to reduce falling damage or prevent it. One tip I do have for Baron is to run into the hallway to minimize falling damage for those who do not have Charge or falling damage reduce effects.

GL and happy Thunderfury farming!

Комментарий от Martika

I finally realized why they call him "Garr". Because that's the noise you make every time you kill him and he doesn't drop those damned bindings! GAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRR!

Комментарий от MakruraBM

Hmm... I wonder what it says when I remove the "a" from Garr...Edit: Stop downrating! I don't see what's to downrate, I mean, seriously, tell me what there is to dislike. This is meant to be funny. Retards.

Комментарий от Hurtn

Way back in the day, before raid icons (orange circle, skull, etc.), it was a tedious task to assign tanks to each of Garr's minions since they were always circling and converging. And if I recall, warlocks weren't the most popular class originally, so we were lucky to ever have more than 1 or 2 in the raid at a time (to banish Garr's minions).

Комментарий от Eclipsegirl

As a destruction lock,

I set my felhunter to attack Garr.

I aggro the Firesworn and use Rain of Fire twice on them, and then Harvest Souls

Комментарий от Erdrick

I am actually going to cry if this bloody binding doesn't drop soon! Worked out I've done about 150 runs over the years... that's 3 years I've been after this... how depressing...

Комментарий от schwantes2

I would just like to add, I have been doing this for quite awhile. I have had the first half for over a year. I read the comment that said it droped for the guy when he was in a raid group so I joind a kazz raid and killed gar, sure enough it dropped. I dont know if it was just rng or you have to be in a raid but it happened.


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