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This is one of the new Heirloom Items introduced in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. The whereabouts of Heirloom Rings is currently Unknown but most likely will be made available through random profession dailies luck. I feel safe enough saying this since our last Heirloom ring was available from Fishing.

The following Heirlooms are unlockable through the Guild system:

10-й уровень гильдии

20-й уровень гильдии

The following Heirlooms have been added during Cataclysm but whereabouts are unknown:

Heirloom Legs

Heirloom Rings

Patch 4.1 AdditionsThe first Major patch of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm introduced new Heirloom items that were created to help Plate classes obtain the necessary defensive stats to properly Tank dungeons.

For players interested in obtaining the many Heirloom that are available, below is a table of how they can be obtained and the price associated with each one.Justice Points (JP) Печать чемпиона (CS) Очки чести (HP)

┌────────────┬─────────────────────────────┬────────────────┐│ SLOT │ OBTAINED FROM │ COST │├────────────┼─────────────────────────────┼────────────────┤│ Helm │ Guild - Level 20 │ 1500G ││ Shoulders │ WotLK - Dal/WG Vendors │ 2175JP or 60CS ││ Chest │ WotLK - Dal/WG Vendors │ 2175JP or 60CS ││ Legs │ Unknown │ ││ Cloak │ Guild - Level 10 │ 1200G ││ Ring 1 │ Kalu'ak Fishing Derby │ Win Tourney ││ Ring 2 │ Unknown │ ││ Trinket │ WotLK - Dal/WG Vendors │ 2725JP or 75CS ││ Weapons* │ WotLK - Dal/WG Vendors │ 2175JP or 60CS │└────────────┴─────────────────────────────┴────────────────┘

*PVP Weapons can be purchased for 1250HPList of Heirloom Weapons

Experience ChartThe Following assumes FULL** Heirlooms┌─────────────┬─────────┬─────────────┬────────────┐│ LVL RANGE │ GUILD │ MIDSUMMER │ TOTAL XP │├─────────────┼─────────┼─────────────┼────────────┤│ 1-80 │ Y2 │ Y │ 60% ││ 1-80 │ Y1 │ Y │ 55% ││ 1-80 │ N │ Y │ 50% ││ 1-80 │ Y2 │ N │ 50% ││ 1-80 │ Y1 │ N │ 45% ││ 1-80 │ N │ N │ 40% │ │ 81-85 │ Y2 │ Y │ 35% │ │ 81-85 │ Y1 │ Y │ 30% ││ 81-85 │ N │ Y │ 25% ││ 81-85 │ Y2 │ N │ 25% ││ 81-85 │ Y1 │ N │ 20% ││ 81-85 │ N │ N │ 15% │└─────────────┴─────────┴─────────────┴────────────┘

** As of Patch 4.0.3

And finally, for everyone interested in what pieces of gear you should put together for the Ultimate Leveling Set for that special new alt of yours, I present to you a list of classes and the items that suit them best.

Tanking (Plate) Рыцарь смерти Паладин Воин **New in 4.1**

Physical (Plate) Рыцарь смерти Паладин Воин

Physical (Mail) Охотник Шаман

Physical (Leather) Друид Разбойник

Spellcaster (Mail) Паладин Шаман

Spellcaster (Leather) Друид

Spellcaster (Cloth) Маг Жрец Чернокнижник

My apologies for some inaccurate information previously. This comment was made during the Cataclysm Beta and I just never got around to updating it. Prices have been fixed and it now looks sexier then ever.

Patch 4.1 Heirloom UpdateAll Heirloom items have had their bindings changed to bind to a single Battle.Net account instead of a World of Warcraft account. This change will let you transfer your items across factions, realms and even the other active World of Warcraft accounts on your Battle.Net Account.

Blizzard has also implemented Tanking Heirlooms with Patch 4.1. Please see above for their names! Links will not be live until the data is merged to the main Wowhead site.

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With all of the +exp heirloom items, you can get up to a 55% increase in experience gained from killing monsters and completing quests.
  • Helm: 10%
  • Back: 5%
  • Chest: 10%
  • Pants: 10%
  • Shoulders: 10%
  • Ring 1: 5%
  • Ring 2: 5%

Plus, with the other ways to gain extra experience, you can get a grand total of 375% increase in experience!

  • Rest exp: 100%
  • Recruit a friend: 200%
  • Guild perks: 10%
  • Holiday buffs: 10% (like Fire Festival Dance)

Wow, indeed.

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With these new heirlooms your alts will be getting a huge XP advantage for being in the guild as well.Helm=10%Shoulder=10%Cloak=5%Chest=10%Legs=10%L Ring=5%R Ring=5%Total=55% ...... but with being in the guild and being rank20 (needed for helm) then you are guaranteed to have an additional 10% to that amount for getting rank12 in the guild which gives the bonus of 10% XP for kills/quests. So your wonderful new alt will be getting 65% XP normal, 265% rested (almost RaF #s) :D

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Um, does this mean that any player can only get one helmet item? It feels abit like a questreward... im guessin u can only do this once

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Wow, indeed.

Wow is right...

Scene: Level 1 ToonDate: Dec 20th 2010Setting: The serene starting area of __insert-race-here__.

A freshly rolled character cautiously approaches the nice man with the big yellow ! over his head. What's this? He wants us to kill 10 wolves and we will be duly rewarded? Well, on the face of it, this seems like an odd request but okay, why not... besides we'll get a reward! So, we die a few times but finish the deadly deed and run to our quest giver to get our reward. A six slot bag and few copper and suddenly DING level 58 and a portal to the blasted lands magicly appears from the ether.

What a lovely story indeed... ;)

And it reminds me of a great movie from my youth...


It's about 0:30 seconds (scene with the 'coach' who says ..' do one of something ' ..)

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so the guild heirlooms have no stat bonus or is blizz still working on it?

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Damn, if I knew I could just polish my gear to get more experience earlier.

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So, here's my question. Do you have to be in the guild when they hit level 20, or do you suddenly gain access to it if you join up with the guild after they hit it. It'd kinda suck to join a guild but then be like, "Oh, you're already level 20. Well, I really want to be able to get the helmet, so see ya later."

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Are there any enhancements that will benefit a level 1 toon now? The Zul'Gurub, Dire Maul, Argent Dawn, and Flame Crest augments are unobtainable.

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Level 19 twinks will never be the same again, even twinking has lost its skill...

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Although I'm sure this will get downed rated because its WOWHEAD, and anytime you try to prove something or actually give decent info it goes and gets down rated.

*Looks at +3 rating on comment*

"You shrug. Who knows?"

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It seems, that sending this plate item to a warrior below lvl 40, will make this item mail instead. I assume it will automatically switch back to plate above 40, but haven't reached that lvl yet.

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BOA Gear:I have talked to a GM and found out the following from them...
  • Can not be transferred to ther Servers even though it is Binds to Account
  • You can transfer it between the opposing, as long as it is the same Server
  • If you have multiple WOW accounts you can transfer them to another one of you Characters as long as it is the same Server

I wish since it was BOA you could move you BOA gear to another Server, the only was to do so is to have it on your Character and transfer them ($25.00 US) to the Server that you desire to have them on.

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Does anyone know if this item can be used for transmogrification please?

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"Ready for action!"

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If someone has one of these with a head enchant still on it please add me and message me ingame:


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Why has Kazumi's post been rated down, that information is completely accurate.

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According to Blizz, "the maximum increase (in experience) you can receive at any given time is 300% —triple the normal amount."

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Click on it and sees the -1.

Clearly someone tried to get it removed


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This item or any other heirloom hat cannot be targeted by any enchants including heirloom enchants and armor kits.

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Why this helm is for 1lvl when the plate is available at 40 ?

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Just a heads up, Wowhead says this item has no secondary stats on it. That's false, it has haste on it as well. Exact same stats as Вороненый шлем мощи.

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Seemingly identical to Безупречный шлем из светостали

Battlegear of Valor - Сет Трансмогрификации

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This set is no longer available from dungeons, so don't try and farm Blackrock Spire for it. The only place it will be obtainable is from the new Darkmoon Faire, but will have no stats and exist purely for the purpose of transmog.

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If you have some or all of the heirlooms already, you can substitute them for transmog as well. Currently on the PTR, Heirlooms can be transmogified and then sent to an alt, and you will still be "wearing" it.

I know my Warrior and Paladin are going to be getting this set.

Edit: Though it appears the chestpiece may not be the same model, so either spend an extra couple days at the Faire or use the Heirloom, up to you.

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Don't forget that replica gear is BoE, so you can trade it on the AH or collect it with your alts to get a full transmog set much quicker.

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A shield that matches very well with this set is Light's Shield.

Комментарий от Ripseh

Light's Shield is a great shield if you're a tank like me and want to use this for transmog.

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Head, Shoulders, Legs, Chest is 75 Tickets per piece. 75x4=300 Tickets for these four.Waist, Wrist, Boots, Gloves is 55 per piece. 55x4= 220 Tickets for these four.Total= 520 tickets for the full set.

Alright lets say that you are doing all 5 dailies every day for 7 days (Nice tip: Darkmoon Fair Begins at 00:01 Realm Time , and the daily quests reset at 3 A.M. or 4 A.M. not sure, which means if you do the quests in 00:01 on Sunday the quests will reset and you will be able to do them again which means 8 days of dailies rather than 7)So it is 5x7= 35 tickets from dailies only, or 5x8= 40 if you do the quests at 00:01.Quest items: Remember they reset every month, so if you gather and complete all the quest items you will get:Дневник погибшего путешественника - 5 TicketsЗагадочный гримуар - 10 TicketsЗнамя павших - 5 TicketsЗахваченный знак различия - 5 TicketsГромадное яйцо - 10 TicketsТрактат о стратегии - 15 TicketsБогато украшенный клинок - 10 TicketsРуны ворожея - 10 TicketsЗачарованный кристалл - 10 TicketsTotal = 80Completing the dailies and items quests should bring you around 115 Tickets per month or 120 if you camp them at midnight.Which means that you would need around 4-5 months to complete the full set!Hope this guide is helpful, feel free to edit, or add something that I have overlookedDo not forget the heirloom items!

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If you're a holy paladin i strongly recommend to use this set with the following items.

Vageries of Time From Morchok Heroic (First boss in Dragon Soul).Vengeful Gladiator's Lamellar Helm Sold by Kezzik the Striker in Area 52 in Netherstorm for 1000 honor.Sunward Crest Shattered Sun Offensive (Exalted) sold by Eldara Dawnrunner in Isle of Quel'danas.Tabard of the Shattered Sun also Shattered Sun Offensive (Exalted) sold by Eldara Dawnrunner in Isle of Quel'danas.Legplates of Regal Reinforcement From Grand Empress Shek'zeer Normal (Last boss in Heart of Fear).

Personally i dont show my cloak but if you do Wrap of Unity fits good (From guild vendor)

This can be used by other plate classes aswell but than you gotta get Crown of Empowered Fate and probably another weapon, and shield unless you're a tank.

Here's an example on how you will look! My Character

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As far as Transmogrification goes a good match for one-handed weapons is the Infection Repulser especially now that you can mog swords and maces with each other. As a shield the King's Bulwark is a good match for Alliance players but its color appears a bit more dull and 'muted' in game. Whereas Sunward Crest matches the yellow part of the armor perfectly but has some blue on it as well.

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Leeroy Jenkins had that armor set in his video.

WoW ()

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