Deathmantle. Шлем мантии смерти

Мантия смерти - Набор предметов


Комментарий от Jonthepolishkid3

The insane T5 rouge set for the burning crusade. This set adds an insane amount of attack power and a decent amount of agility.

Комментарий от schintus

380 AP from 5 pieces?! OMG :P

Комментарий от Bull3t

This is a very nice Rogue set, it gives you some extra power and a high critical percentage. Along with the set bonuses you would be gliding through kills. Don't miss out on this!

Комментарий от graphitestreak

Omg some people can be so daft.Here, what are some of the stats you can get from gear, that are most important to the rogue class.Any skilled rogue would tell you Chance to Hit, Chance to Crit, then Agility, then Attack Power.Why is this?Well, rogues have the Dual-Wield Penalty, first off, so they miss...a lot. See, that rogues hit for 300 is doing more damage than your backstab that missed. Missed attacks = 0 damage.Then the rest, I don't need to explain.Now, this set gives mainly attack power. A medicore amount of Critical Strike.First off, you need to know about the Combat Ratings System. It's why everything says "x Parry Rating" or "y Hit Rating". The combat ratings system was designed for 1 purpose. To prevent any class from achieving 100% Critical Strike Chance. They did this, because no matter what level you are, 1% Critical Strike on the item is 1% for a Lv.35 player, and it's still 1% for a level 70 player.Now, with the Combat Ratings System, it scales down every value to be only 63% effective of it's original value. Let me explain.Lv.60: 14 Critical Strike Rating = 1% criticalLv.70: 14 Critical Strike Rating =0.63% criticalLv.60: 10 Hit Rating = 1% hitLv.70: 10 Hit Rating = 0.63% hitSo at level 70, if you had 14 critical strike rating, and 10 hit rating, you would need to get +6 more hit rating, and +8 more critical strike rating, to get the same effect you had at level 60.To shorten things, as you level up, you get weaker.Now, Deathmantle adds +49 Critical Strike Rating. That's only 2.2% Critical Strike at Lv.70.Wanna know what adds +2% critical strike from gear right now?'s 2% crit from 1 items Critical Strike Rating. As opposed to an ENTIRE SET.

In Total, here's the T5 Set for ya..Including agility for the total amount you would receive from the set.2.8% Hit4.7% Crit≈5% Dodge469 Attack Power.

Here's T3 Set for you.7% hit15% Crit10% Dodge478 Attack power.

Now, I know that t3 has 9 pieces, and t5 only has 5 peices. But Set vs Set, don't you think we're getting ripped off? So, you're going to get another 10% Critical Strike from 4 more items to make up the difference? The Deathmantle Set is abhorring for Combat and Assasination spec'd Rogues, since their Builds are very dependent on Critical Strikes and Chance to hit. On the other hand, because of the amount of raw Attack Power, this set would be Ideal for Subtlety/Hemo Build rogues. Hemorrhage and Ghostly Strike would receive a full bonus from the attack power, since they are not Normalized. And the Rogues Garrote, Rupture, and Eviscerate all receive a bonus from attack power.

Комментарий от drr18

With More Hit, Crit, and Stam and almost as much AP it looks like T5 is only a side grade to T4.

T43.375% HIt5.105% Crit410 AP1490 HP

T52.8%Crit4.7% Hit 469 AP 1190 HP

Комментарий от shintahimura

So in actuality for the complete T3 set at level 70 your receiving

11% Crit 4% hit478AP

-------------T52.8% Hit4.7% Crit≈5% Dodge469 Attack Power.

Now take into consideration that you need to be wearing all 9 peices of the T3 set to aquire those bonuses, and you see where the T5 set makes its mark. T5 requires you wear 5 peices. That gives you 2 really nice set bonuses. ALSO since its only 5 peices you can take advantage of other sets. FOR INSTANCE:5/5 T54/9 T4

2.8% Hit4.7% Crit≈5% Dodge469 Attack Power.

2 pieces: Your Eviscerate and Envenom abilities cause 40 extra damage per combo point. 4 pieces: Your attacks have a chance to make your next finishing move cost no energy.


4.51% Crit1.3% Hit177 AP

2 pieces: Your normal melee swings have a chance to Invigorate you, healing you for 90 to 110. 4 pieces: Your Backstab, Sinister Strike, and Hemorrhage critical hits cause you to regain 5 energy. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------Now simple math to combine them:9.21% Crit4.1% Hit646 AP

2 pieces: Your normal melee swings have a chance to Invigorate you, healing you for 90 to 110. 4 pieces: Your Backstab, Sinister Strike, and Hemorrhage critical hits cause you to regain 5 energy.

2 pieces: Your Eviscerate and Envenom abilities cause 40 extra damage per combo point. 4 pieces: Your attacks have a chance to make your next finishing move cost no energy.

Baisicly as more items and sets are added into the game the more usefull these smaller sets will become. Please don't knock things without completly acknowleding the usefullness of it. Because they really are good.

Комментарий от fox13

and let's not forget that t5 gives 2 blue, 2 red, 2 yellow and 1 meta socket to play with ;)

(which also give a +7crit rating, +8 attack power bonus)

there are many good gems out there that add crit/hit/attackpower and even speciall meta effects to further boost the stats of the set

in any case i don't believe that rogues are the one class that gets the short stick of the bargain since all over the board the new tier sets are not that much of an upgrade

Комментарий от Synid

I think the word "Side-grade" is well on its place.

Blizzard crewmen have said countless times in nearly all the interviews they had, that they wanted to even things out across all the playing fields.So, for...

solo folk -> BoP crafted epix that would probably take quite some raidtime to complete the harvest.

pvp folk -> (needless to say), pvp gear and gladiator rewards, aswell as seasonal rewards for the top-off-the-line.

pve folk -> raid instance drops and tiered items as well as the aquired sets out there.

So far I come to believe all the items in all fields are pretty much similar in strength when combined on average respectivly.

I speculate to say: they probably did this to ensure everybody has a chance to set their goals, without feeling completely left out by blizz-love. Afterall, they said pretty exlusively, they wanted to create a game for everybody.

Комментарий от Doodskreet

it scares me that it looks a bit like one of the armors that have been used in Mortal Combat but besides that... The undead looks sexy in that suit

Комментарий от Squirldude


Swift Skyfire Diamond (Meta)

Bold Ornate Ruby (Red)

Bright Living Ruby (Red)

Smooth Ornate Dawnstone (Yellow)

Smooth Dawnstone (Yellow)

Solid Star of Elune x2 (Blue)

The gems alone will add:+Minor Run Speed Increase+60 AP+18 Crit Rating+24 Stam

With bonuses:+Minor Run Speed+68 AP+25 Crit Rating+24 Stam

Total (including gems and socket bonuses):1540 Armor89 Agi143 Stam448 AP20 Dodge45 Hit74 Crit(I have no idea what the Crit/Hit/Dodge to % ratio is nor do i know the EXACT Agi to AP/Crit/Dodge/Armor or Stam to HP ratio... so, the stats above are raw... any info on a place to plug all the #s into to get these or even the equations would be nice...)

The total average BO price according to WoWHead on the gems would be about 449g (mega easy since Burning Crusade) and a lot of PvP

NOTE: I designed this around a BS/Ambush Subt Rogue... your BS and Ambush crits are going to be INSANE w/ a nice dag( ;D), uber enchants and the T3/T5 combo mentioned in an earlier comment...

Комментарий от andrikosoeo

In the summary board below the T5 set the" 89 agility,119 stamina,380 att pow, 20 dodge rat, 45 hit rat and 49 crit rat " is what you earned from this set without socket bonuses and without what each socket can give you. In my personal opinion sockets RULES! A set , and thats for all classes of the game give you some basic advantages that will help you generally and its also give you the sockets,so you can focus where you think it could help more depended in the talents you use and the skills you play with about this set look how the summary stats can become if you add the socket bonuses and some fine sockets for rogues that sooner or later all players can have..

"99 agility , 131 stamina 396 att pow ,25 dodge rat ,53 hit rat and 89 crit rat " ...i want to say at the end that the sockets i choose to fill with this sets add stats to all stats that this set give..if someone need crit rating or hit rating or att pow,he can focus more in one stat only ...also a final comment for rogues...rogues take lots of crit for some of their skills from their any of their sets cant have too much crit..because as many people said before none must have 100% crit in some of their skill...its cheating :)

Комментарий от Torey

Remember that tier 3 is a lvl 60 set m8...

Комментарий от Pwnizzle

wow its not fair...undead usually look the coolest in rogue sets but with T5 undead rogues look like...crap. So thin and comical looking wit that big piece of metal on ur is that meant to be scary? I MEAN COME ON BLIZZ, make us look like the warrior set, or the warlock set...were like the only class that doesnt get cool looking shoulders. :'(

Комментарий от johnkicks

stop complaining...... just go get full tier5 and if you think t3 is so uber get the remaining armor slots full of it..or get gladiator, which from what i hear is gonna take a while to get...OR get the same old marshal stuff at 70

Комментарий от Ureiyu

I'm currently a level 49 Troll Rogue. Once I hit 70, I'm all over this set. Can't wait.

Комментарий от Squirldude

guess what i just read: "All epic items of Tier 5 and beyond quality have been upgraded to reflect their intended power."... found this in the PTR patch notes here:

Now all you guyz that have been complaining about how bad this set sux can be happy... see, Blizz likes us... well our cash... but still...

Комментарий от Filthypete

While not outstanding stat-wise, the set bonuses can be truly amazing with a Mutilate build. The 2pc is a decent buff to envenom, and the 4pc (which procs pretty decently) can make a very big difference in your number of instant finishers.While testing on unkillable mobs with a pally friend holding aggro, I was able to get off around 3 4-5CP envenoms before having to refresh S&D.

Комментарий от westsidestory

The upgraded stats:

Chest:16 stam 10 hit25 crit rate100 ap

Helm:30 agi28 stam72 ap

Shoulders:29 agi13 stam20 dodge rate40 ap

Legs:34 stam15 hit rate24 crit rate110 ap

Gloves:30 agi28 stam20 hit rate58 ap

Total:89 agi vs 160119 stam vs 17320 dodge rate vs 2045 hit rate vs 3049 crit rate vs 41380 ap vs 306

Комментарий от Artoland

lol... everyone in here is talking only about different sets and sockets.

stop basing things on just one set. T5 is only 5 pieces so you getwhat you get out of that. now it depends on whatever pieces you blend with it. do the math there. if some sets are 9 peices then compare it the same with another set of 9 pieces so you get the total bonuses out of the sets.

T5 is overall best if you add the extra pieces from T3 add that with the sockets and your garaunteed a killing machine. if you're all smart enough to know that rogues are based in order: dodges, chances on hits, atk power then crit. all in all you can't kill what you can't hit in return but when you do retaliate back you do what more then what anyone character can handle.

now chances rogues still have a hard taking out hunters shamans and sometimes mages and locks.

well that's simple to solve enchant your gear. *duh??don't just rely on sockets and set bonuses. i know no one isstupid to think that they are the best cause they got epic.

enchants blacksmiths are also added bonuses. now what I'd actually like to see from all you calculated brainheads is the total of mix and combine sets with total bonuses that are added up with the highest possible enchants bsmiths and sockets. hopefully doing the math there is hard for anyone nowadays.

Комментарий от Valdimir

Ok, here's my thoughts on the Deathmantle armor set. I believe that this set is great for a few reasons. The top being that all you need is the armor pieces as requirment to get them, also that this set is only 5 pieces and has some decent bonuses. I know some of you think that this suit is worse in Hit rating / Crit rating than the T3 set. But I've spent awhile coming up with armor pieces that you can add to this set that make it worthwile. The featured pieces, (including full darkmantle set), are all non - socketed / enchanted. So the end stats could be much better.

Heres your suit, trinkets, rings, and all, that would, IMO, be a great combat rogue suit.

Head : Deathmantle helmNeck : Worgen Claw NecklaceShoulders : Deathmantle ShoulderpadsCloak : Black Iron Battle CloakChest : Deathmantle ChestguardWrists : Bracers of MaliciousnessGloves : Deathmantle HandguardsBelt : Belt of One-Hundred DeathsLegs : Deathmantle LegguardsBoots : Boots of Utter Darkness (these are great, but being disputed on how to aquire them.)Ring #1 : Boneslayer RingRing #2 : Band of the Ranger GeneralTrinket #1 : Romulo's Poison VialTrinket #2 : Warpspring Coil

Now, these are the two swords im shooting for :Main-Hand : Gladiator's SlicerOff-Hand : Gladiator's Quickblade (Maybe Slicer)

The overall stats with this full suit come out to :

Armor : 2473Agility : 271Stamina : 409Melee Attack Power : 750Critical Rating : 217Hit Rating : 164Strength : 25Resilience : 18

I'm sorry if my calculations are incorrect in anyway. Also, sorry about adding the swords into the calculations, but those are the one's i'm getting and I added them.

One question I have is : Would the Gladiator's Quickblade be best for off-hand? I heard somewhere that it's best to have a fast off-hand because of combat potency and the good energy regen rate? But then again the SS would be lower with off-hand.

The second question I have is nooby but... : When I use SS is there a chance that it will be my off-hand?

Комментарий от Fugazi

About gems... At first I was "EEW" when I saw yellow/blue sockets but after some math we have as follows:

We all know (or not) that for PvE:1 AGI = 2 AP = 2 STR = 2 STA = 1 HR = 1 CR

So we have gems:- red: 8 AGI = 8 + 10% (BoK!) = 8.8- yellow: 4 AGI + 4 HR = 4.4 + 4 = 8.4- blue: 4 AGI + 6 STA = 4.4 + 3.3 = 7.7

Now if you check gem set bonuses it turn out that they give you more than just putting all red gems in. Therefore Blizzard not failed here *cheer*

Комментарий от Zavior

Compared to the tier 4 set(Netherblade) the stats are following:

Stats without sockets(Deathmantle - Netherblade)1703 - 1540 = +163 armor189 - 126 = +63 agility225-190 = +35 stamina382 - 360 = +22 attack power81 - 25 = +56 crit rating(+2.53%)24 - 81 = -57 hit rating(-3.61%)

Deathmantle has one meta socket, two red, two yellow and three blue sockets, while Netherblade has the meta socket, four red sockets, one yellow and one blue socket. Balanced Nightseye Glinting Noble Topaz

Using Glinting Noble Topazes for red and yellow sockets, Balanced Nightseyes for blue sockets. I did not include meta gem as they would nullify each other.

Deathmantle4x Glinting Noble Topaz = 16 agility, 16 hit rating3x Balanced Nightseye = 24 attack power, 18 staminaSocketing Deathmantle with fitting gems will grant 4 agility, 12 attack power and 3 crit rating.

Netherblade5x Glinting Noble Topaz = 20 agility, 20 hit rating1x Balanced Nightseye = 8 attack power, 6 staminaSocketing Netherblade with fitting gems will grant 8 agility and 4 stamina.

Total stats with the gems of my choice:

Deathmantle209 agility233 stamina418 attack power84 crit rating40 hit rating

Netherblade154 agility200 stamina368 attack power25 crit rating101 hit rating

While Deathmantle has more agility, attack power and crit rating, it lacks the most important stat of a combat rogue, hit rating which the Netherblade set has 61 more than Deathmantle. Wether it is worth spending dkp on this set mostly depends on your other gear, personally I wont be upgrading to t5, as the other parts of my gear balance out the stats I would get from upgrading. Of course one could argue about the gems I chose to use, that can and should be changed according to your needs.

Комментарий от Xxkilla

tier 5 i pretty sweet until you get merciless gladiator (when you get merciless gladiator your set till a "season 3" gladiator stuff" only things better than deathmantle and merciless gladiator is BM stuff and trust me when you get full tier 6 they will be tier 7 coming along, damn blizzard and they're ideas :P

Комментарий от 0v3ck4

Where can I find boots on the screenshot pls??

Комментарий от Karashk

What is the proc chance on the 4 piece set bonus? The spell itself says 100%, so that only applies to the effect, not the proc.

Комментарий от faerdig

If u have the procc from the 4 piece set bonus, can you get the Relentless Strikes procc and actually gain 25 energy?

Комментарий от Xxkilla

ap ftw!!!!screw hit thoguh its good a rogue like my self with surpirse attacks need the ap than just mash the Sinster strike button :P

Комментарий от eizei

But the problem with this set is the lack of +hit. Now you're propably going to say that it's just 5 pieces or it has sockets. But just count yourself and see what kind of other gear you need to get a respectable hit rating of 260++ while wearing this set. I don't have any pieces from this and my hit is 270 and crit is over 30% with combat talents and I don't really see a point to aim for this set. I would propably rather take some pieces from tier4 set (execpt t4 gloves which are shit) rather than these. 24hit clearly isn't enough and the sockets ain't going to fix that problem.

Комментарий от temp

Some of you are missing the boat then. If you're into T5 content then let's look at the other items available to you...

Arcanite steam-pistol = 19 hitWarp-spring coil = 21 hitRomulo's Poison Vial = 35 hit (kara stuff that's still great for rounding out +hit when you're short)Bloodsea Brigand's Vest = 43 hit (socketed with 2x +8 hit and a blue/purple of your choice)Master Assassin's Wristwraps = +8 hit (Vambracers of Ending could be socketed the same but these are better)Nyn'jah's Tabi Boots = 29-38 hit (depending how you socket)Belt of Deep Shadow = 18-34 hit (depending how you socket)

You don't have to stick to socket bonuses. A lot of them aren't worth worrying about anyways. There are enough items available to you at this stage of the game to achieve a hit rating of 280-300+. The goal being to get the 4pc set bonus which is well worth getting and doesn't require the chest from Kael'thas. Bloodsea's rounds out the set nicely due to the hit stacking.

Socketed correctly and achieving 4pc T5, you should be 60+ AP ahead of T4 with more crit and stam. You can't stack as much hit but you don't necessarily need to be hit-capped anyways... a balance is what you're after. This set is definitely a dps upgrade anyways you look at it.

Комментарий от jag007

is all good but how do i get the friking set lol

Комментарий от Souldivider

Now that i have 3 pieces of my t5 set i was actuali wondering if it's worth it to stick to slot colors. Slot color bonuses aren't that great actually and putting gems with agg in all of them is actually a very good idea. The one thing i am still wondering about is that: is it possible that some one socks your slots with for example - is actually the best idea for socketing az for agility gives the rogue Crit AP and Dodge ratings and what better if they can't hit you :D

I should add that the META requirements can be fullfiled with like Shifting nightseye and the like so that u don't lose agg.

Комментарий от Supa

What are some good boots that go with this item set?

Комментарий от tyreel

some people says using more attack power gems or cirt rating gems for this set....find a vehicle to go to moon...and try not to find a vehicle to turn back us

Комментарий от EnigmaEdge

isn't there 2 daggers that go with this set?

Комментарий от Lineli

Needs more hit.

Комментарий от HazardBlade

For clarification, this is the Rogue Tier 5 Raid Set.

Tokens for this set are available from the following bosses:Chest - Kael'thas Sunstrider (Tempest Keep)Gloves - Leotheras the Blind (Serpentshrine Cavern)Helm - Lady Vashj (Serpentshrine Cavern)Leggings - Fathom Lord Karathress (Serpentshrine Cavern)Shoulders - Void Reaver (Tempest Keep)

And their respective tokens are;Vanquished Champion (Rogue, Shaman, Paladin)Vanquished Defender (Warrior, Priest, Druid)Vanquished Hero (Warlock, Mage, Hunter)

There are 5 items in this item set.

Комментарий от warwizard07

Here is the Stat comparison to the Tier 4 Netherblade set:+163 Armor+63 Agility+35 Stamina+22 Attack Power+56 Crit Rating-57 Hit Rating-2 Red Socket+1 Yellow Sockets+2 Blue Socket

The following are the Set Bonus Changes:Tier 5 2 Piece Bonus: "Your Eviscerate and Envenom abilities cause 40 extra damage per combo point." Tier 5 4 Piece Bonus: "Your attacks have a chance to make your next finishing move cost no energy."

Tier 4 2 Piece Bonus: "Increases the duration of your Slice and Dice ability by 3 sec."Tier 4 4 Piece Bonus: "Your finishing moves have a 15% chance to grant you a combo point."

Комментарий от wrongwayassassin

Probably the best graphic-designed tier set in the game...they were adding a "Tier V weapon" don't know when/if they will implant it..

Комментарий от GreeneMachine23

Just gem for the hit I guess.

Комментарий от POINGjam

This set looks awesome on gnomes. They get a giant skull head on a tiny body.

Комментарий от eizei

This set works best on combat dagger/muti builds mostly because of the amount of the hit rating in it. You would still have to gem mostly 8/10 hit gems on almost all sockets in it though. For combat swords I recommend sticking to your t4 / non t5 pieces apart from the gloves which are quite good. Its a shamy the (2) piece bonus is pretty bad for raiding, whereas tier 4's (2) piece one is really good.

In conclusion the set ain't that bad, it just seems to be meant for dagger rogues and wearing 5 pieces of it would be just plain stupid in most cases.

Комментарий от Hauntling

Anybody know what the matching belt and bracers in the screenshot is? We know what the boots are (Boots of Utter Darkness), but what are the other matching items?

Комментарий от Tankered

It looks like the belt could be the "Belt of One-hundred Deaths"

I have not managed to find any matching bracers yet, but the bracers are generally hidden underneath the gloves, so for pure vanity set reasons, they are not essential to the look of the set.

Комментарий от dreq

Best looking set in game, no doubt. Its just true. Live with it.

Комментарий от DejwLazi

Another matching bracers are .You can get them from G'eras for just 35 BoJs.

Комментарий от tomsta

Blood fang is the best looking one in the game and also T6 i'snt bad looking either.

Комментарий от Vimn

Seems to be based off the Phantasm character from the animated Batman movie, "Batman, Mask of the Phantasm"

Комментарий от KageNinja12

This and the Bloodfang set are my two favorite Rogue sets in terms of looks.

Комментарий от DarthEnder

Anyone know of a cape that perfectly matches the hood on this set?

Комментарий от gsebimano

Sooooooo Transmogrifying....

Here i come!

Комментарий от Ladokz

Anyone know any boots that fit to the set?

Комментарий от Zz0mg

If you're talking looks, then there is no "best set". Everyone has different opinions so the best set will be different from person to person. Although I agree with the majority of rogues, bloodfang and deathmantle are by far the two best designed sets IMO.

Blizz just doesnt make these kindd of armor sets anymore....

Комментарий от yellowmana

Im having trouble finding 2 daggers that fit this set.. any suggestions?

Комментарий от Guildsdrunk

Daggers that fit are definately the twin blade of hakkari daggers with their purple glow. Especially if you get the magic glowing purple lamp pet that follows you around.

Комментарий от RicardoZ

If you're in search of a decent dagger to transmo with this set, try the Blood Weeper (Item #50203, don't know how to make the link lol)

Комментарий от Bobzilla01

Hey ive found that goes really well with this set becuase its black and matches the death look :) hope this helps

Комментарий от cerradwyn

I find the following goes best with the Deathmantle set:

Back:Темная металлическая накидкаРоскошный ториевый плащ

Boots:Сапоги легкого боя

Belt:Ремень торговца смертью

Dagger:Кровавый Плач

Everything meshes well together, keeps the overall look menacing and dark and really pulls the whole outfit together.

Комментарий от ItalianGoat

Love this set so much O.O I didn't really like the helm all that much because I'm not really into the skull kind of is what I matched with the set:

Helm: Sunroc MaskBoots: Sure-Step BootsBelt: Sunroc WaistbandDagger: Gladiator's Shanker

Deathmantle - Сет Трансмогрификации - World of Warcraft


Комментарий от Tritox

Rogue Tier 5 raid set (with offset pieces) which can be obtained from two lvl 70 raid instances: Змеиное святилище and Крепость Бурь.

The set itself consists of five pieces (helm, shoulders, chest, gloves and legs) which player can obtain by turning in the respective tokens which drop from the raid instances mentioned above. The so called offset pieces (belt, bracers and boots) are drops from the same raid instances BUT you can also craft items similar to the offset pieces via Кожевничество.

Set pieces:

Offset pieces:

(the season 2 arena set Merciless Gladiator's Vestments uses the same models than this set but with rather similar coloring)

Комментарий от DarthEnder

Any recommendations for a cloak that matches the hood from this set?

You know, so it looks like you're wearing a hooded cloak.

Комментарий от Nuntis

I use this cape with my current set ; It isn't exactly what you're looking for but it's one of the better ones I've came just to figure out a good set of daggers.

Темная металлическая накидка

Комментарий от tommysp

I personally use:

Тенеплащ Даларана

Комментарий от ellio123

Heya there guys, for cape and weapons I suggest : Разрубатель черепов as a sword, Blackmetal Cape as a cape, Gladiator's Shanker as a dagger. Skullforge Reaver is from Stratholme and drops last boss, Check the AH for Blackmetal cape, And go to Netherstorm for the Gladiator's Shanker. The NPC to look up for Gladiator's Shanker is Kezzik the Striker.

Комментарий от lunayah

This set is worn by the undead rogue in the Tauren Chieftains YouTube vid Rogues do it from Behind

Комментарий от goldfish4542

Плащ ночного неба Вольда looks very good with this and is easy to get

Комментарий от Tenjen

this and its pvp equivalent are amongst the best tiers rogues have had designed for them and when people think of rogue themed armor, they tend to remember this set as a benchmark. Especially the helm piece.

expect many rogues to have this however.

Комментарий от Panzerstein88

What would be a good t-shirt for full on deathmantle?

Комментарий от Atherinas

For a cloak, i found Пелерина ледяного стража looks pretty good.

Also,i'm not using the set head anymore,cause tbh it looks kinda clumsy looking at it always from behind.So i found that Кожаный шлем смертоносного гладиатора fits the S/M style of the set perfectly( plus i get to see my rogues purple mohawk :D)

Комментарий от lenalihunter

Always reminds me of The Punisher xD

Комментарий от Tethic

I didn't see this mentioned anywhere, but Напульсники мастера-ассасина can also be used for the Bracers. They are sold in Shat for 182 JPs.

Комментарий от Exodusx22

This armor is all purchasable with honour in Area 52 , Netherstorm.

Комментарий от envydt

as for the belt I use this: Пояс летящего пера

Комментарий от Baphosun

Daggers (all similar models) that can be easily obtained in exchange for some Justice Points, and which looks really cool with this set:Клинок сосредоточения Провидца (the best one in my opinion)Зазубренный клинокБыстрый клинок сомненияРасчленитель

Комментарий от Cklomps

Any fist weapons to go with this set?

Комментарий от Alhazred01

They really need to remove class restrictions on old tier, for mog. There are no look a like sets for this set. and I would give anything to be able to mog that helm on my monk. :'(

Комментарий от JaredB77

Warmsun Cloak is about as perfect match as you'll get for this set.

Комментарий от Milliamz

Fun fact: This makes a tauren look like a gorilla in 3D view

Комментарий от Selvir

For anyone who doesn't like the helmet in the set can try Helm of Assassination.

Комментарий от Lilledritten

I like to use Кинжал заряженного крыла with this transmog! :)

Комментарий от LordRahl19

Not sure how to link items like the rest but just got Blood Weeper from Devourer of Souls in Heroic The Forge of Souls while running on my monk for something to do. Instantly thought of running it just for this on my rogue to use with this set, when I saw what it looked like. Edit: Ok just figured it out and here it is Кровавый ПлачEdit 2: If anyone is looking for a cloak to use with this I would suggest Плащ королевы баншиEdit 3: Just ran Forge of Souls Heroic didn't get Кровавый Плач. So I went and ran 25 Naxx for it's look-a-like Туманные сумерки which drops from Grobbulus and Gluth on 25 mode of Naxx in the Construct Quarter. And it dropped, my transmog set is now finished.

Комментарий от Xandarius

Lookalike shoulders that drop off of Гидросс Нестабильный in Serpentshrine Cavern, Наплечные пластины странника. They are a part of the recolor of this set, but can work if you get them before you get the token for the Наплечные пластины мантии смерти.

Комментарий от mendering

I found shards of azzinoth to be the best transmog for me

Комментарий от IhaveNoLife

I find that "Опасение Ун'агха, Темное Предательство" goes very well with this set.

Комментарий от ncnash083

I noticed today that Видавший виды теневой пояс shares the same model, just a slightly different color. Since Lady Vashj isn't being nice for me and dropping Пояс Сотни Смертей, I'll use this alternative in the meantime.

Комментарий от Luminie

I think Темный кожаный пояс works okay if you (like me) can't ever get the belt to drop. It's slightly off-color, but it will work for now.

Комментарий от Apocalex

My outfit version of the Deathmantle Armor transmog set with some personal picks for helm, shirt, cloak and daggers.

WoW ()

: Deathmantle Armor
. %
65 A O 1
65 A O 1
146 70
146 70
146 70
146 70
136 70
136 70
133 70
133 70
X11 127 62
125 70
123 70
123 70
120 70
120 70

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