Lightbringer Sunwell Battlegear. Шлем обжигающей праведности

Lightbringer Sunwell Battlegear - Сет Трансмогрификации


Комментарий от ncjenkin

I've made my Transmog profile off of this set. Not too happy about the shield, but it works for now.

Комментарий от Rokzum

I want this set so bad =\ Looks nice with this Эгида Сосредоточения Антонидаса and Правосудие Света

Комментарий от loadedlol

:o is it possible to get that boots on a dk? :s

Комментарий от Niaw

This set uses the buff/gold (officially "White") version of the Sunwell Plate artwork. It forms the complete eight-piece Sunwell Paladin set.

There are three other colours of this artwork, all available in the game but not necessarily to all plate-wearing classes:

Комментарий от Slathian

There is a pair of boots and a Belt for all deathknights, I did some searching an i came up with Башмаки Солнечной чешуи for the boots and Пояс Солнечной чешуи for the belt.

Both of these items actually come out of the sunscale transmog set, but they go with the sunwell set quite well.

Комментарий от darkkdeath

Got this set on my DK. Looks ironic as hell.

Комментарий от Shadewind

Transmog CommentWorking on this set for when I'm on my Worgen Warrior, but because warriors can't use the paladin tier 6 belt or boots:Наголенники ЗавоевателяРемень ЗавоевателяThe gold on the boots and belt are only slightly off, but the coloration is nice and bright. Both items you can get from the mobs in Magister's Terrace, Sunwell Plateau and the island mobs themselves (I believe).As stated, I use these on my Worgen, so they aren't okay for players with feet, as the pants in this set only just pass the knees.Another set of boots for use are the Неумолимые гвардейские башмаки or Башмаки праведного поборника both are available from G'eras the Naaru in Shattrath for 72g79s. They match in color, but do not have the same brightness- but I've added them here just the same :)My other choice of belt Ремень доблестных деяний from Aeonus (last boss) of the Black Morass in the Caverns of Time. Same deal with color here (There are other matching belts, but the pattern coloration is quite close).

I am a sword man- so here are some sword combo links:

Мурамаса andОплот крушителя мечей are my weapons of choice for this Prot set.Аполион Проявитель Душ would be the weapon of choice for 2h in either Arms or Fury Titansgrip.

But, until I've finished gathering this set, I'm rolling around in the (extremely cheap) brutal pvp set recolor of the same model:withБольшой меч жестокого гладиатора as I am currently Fury. Осадный щит жестокого гладиатора as the shield if you are interestedТесак жестокого гладиатора but, I don't like this because of the large use of red :( so I roll with:Игла лавы.

MoP update:Большой пояс облачного разрушителя and Ботинки незрячего ока are now the two pieces of gear I've considered using on my Worgen Warrior. I was hesitant about the belt, but after adding a Красная рубашка рабочего in, it ties nicely with the shield. If however, you don't like the additional red shirt- I would advise the Грубая рубашка рабочего version, to tie together the colours already present in the original armor. However, thanks to the magic of the "MogIt" addon, Славный пояс is my belt of choice. And until the feet on the Worgen are updated after release of Warlords, I'll be rocking those treads.

Good Luck!

Комментарий от arasimus

A good substitute for the belt for non-paladins would be Пояс Павшего Императора, which is a plate micro-belt. Other than the buckle, which matches ok, the belt shows more artwork from the pants and looks like it fits in more. Of course, death knights have access to an invisible plate belt, (for coppers from their gear vendor in the dk fortress), the Ремень рыцаря Акеруса.

Комментарий от Lordplatypus

Used by Halford Wrymbane.

Комментарий от Aliez

Working on this set on my Death Knight (Tauren) so that I can match it up with Аполион Проявитель Душ

For bracers, belt, boots, and cloak I am using:Bracers - Нарукавники искателя - Drop in Black Temple from the Shade of Akama,Belt - Ремень павших воинов Лордерона - Drop in Black Temple from Teron Gorefiend,Boots - Синие наголенники праведного хранителя - Bought for 390 Justice Points from Анвеху in Shattrath City,Cloak - Плащ смертного греха - Drop in Sunwell Plateau from Kil'jaeden.

Also instead of using the actual transmog set helm, which doesn't really suit a tauren, I am using:Helm - Корона предреченной судьбы - Drop in Black Temple from Reliquary of Souls.

So far these are the best-matching pieces available to all classes that I've been able to find.


In preparation of acquiring new weapons, I have also managed to locate various weapons that match this set:Two-Handed Mace - Миродробитель - Drops in Serpentshrine Cavern from Fathom-Lord Karathress,Two-Handed Axe - Раскалыватель душ - Drops in Black Temple from Teron Gorefiend,Two-Handed Sword - Аполион Проявитель Душ - Drops in Sunwell Plateau from Kil'jaeden,

One-Handed Sword - Клинок свирепости - Drops in Black Temple from Mother Shahraz,One-Handed Axe - Выплавленный на солнечном жаре колун - Drops in Magister's Terrace (Normal difficulty) from Selin Fireheart,One-Handed Mace - Палица едкой смерти - Drops in Blackwing Descent (Normal or Heroic difficulty) from Maloriak.

For completion's sake, I have also compiled a collection of main-hand maces and swords, shields, and off-hands that match this set:Main-Hand Mace - Молоток безжалостного гладиатора - Bought for 750 Honor Points from Кеззик Гарпунер in Netherstorm,Main-Hand Sword - Клинок волшебства - Exceptionally rare world drop, so I have provided an alternative:- Сокрушитель Воли - Drops in The Blood Furnace (Heroic Difficulty) from Keli'dan the Breaker.

Shield - Защитник хладных душ - Drops in Pit of Saron (Normal Difficulty) from Scourgelord Tyrannus,

Off-Hand - Железный штопальщик - Drops in Ulduar (25-man Difficulty) from Kologarn.


I realize there are probably several alternatives to each of the weapons / accessories provided in this post, but I have simply linked my favorite (And alternatives to the exceptionally rare ones) - So please don't spam replies to this post saying "Oh X shield matches better" or "I don't like Y sword".

Комментарий от hanraneqedk

any kilt that matches this set?

Комментарий от Gruundarf

Love this set, very "paladin-y". The horns are a bit oversized, but the real problem is the low-res textures, especially noticeable on the boots.

Комментарий от cowofmoo

i found that these Захваты яичной скорлупы match the set very well as well

Комментарий от Mobilitea

I used Аполион Проявитель Душ with this set for awhile but, now in Panda land I've been using Большой меч замерзшей преисподней. It matches excellent and I just personally find the design much better looking.

Комментарий от midgetpunter

Cannot get the gloves to drop from Entropius. I'm running it on multiple characters for other transmogs and I haven't come across these gloves on any of them either.

Can't even get the plans to drop on two of my blacksmithing characters.

Horrible, horrible luck.

Комментарий от jakgrant

I feel your pain Midgetpunter, I can't get legs, or gloves still. Nor can I get bracers from BT, but you wont see the bracers, and helm wont drop off reliquary.

I did find a couple of potential interesting weapon tmogs though if you are dual wield frost however which I thought I'd mention:

Хрустальный пик Карабора doesn't quite fit with the gold set granted, but just the bluey glow to work for a dw frost dk, just makes it work :D That came from BT

The other one I got just the other day came from Sunwell:

Молоток Архона not sure the dw frost dk chants quite work with it, takes the shine off the gold of the gavels.

Maybe two more tmogs to work with this set, granted both maces, so may not work for everyone. I do still like my: Хрустальный пик Карабора though :D

Комментарий от Dumbledoge

Correct me if I am wrong, but is this not what Anasterian Sunstrider was wearing (with the addition of the helm) in his brief appearance in Wrath? Just a little something for the connoisseurs out there...

Комментарий от mithikx

The quest item Антиспоровые пластинчатые сапоги looks good with this set for any non Paladins needing matching boots for this transmog set, as does the belt and other parts of that transmog set.

Комментарий от MickeyCZE

Раскалыватель душ Goes perfectly with this set!

Комментарий от Marcusp850

I've put together this using this set, I think it's perfect:

Комментарий от vikn

If you are not a Paladin you will be forced to go with other options for the waist, feet and wrist slots. Wrist doesn't really matter as your gloves will cover them anyway. Customization such as weapons, tabard, shirt and cloak will also be left out as they are more about personal preference then matching the set. So I will only discuss waist and feet here. Here I describe all the different options I could find. If you don't want to go through them all check out my top five lists.

Top five choices for belts:1. Ремень Утера2. Ремень надежды3. Скрытый пояс4. Ремень рыцаря Акеруса5. Боевой пояс гнева

Top five choices for boots:1. Синие наголенники праведного хранителя2. Наголенники танцующего в приливе3. Боевые сапоги тлеющей ярости4. Сапоги-вихреходы5. Сапоги из демонической стали


WaistA simple golden belt will serve you very well.

Invisible belts.Pretty self explanatory.

Ремень рыцаря Акеруса death knights only.Скрытый пояс have not been implemented as I'm writing this.

Thin beltsThese are the more unorthodox choice, perfect if you're looking to add some personal flare. They are thin and come with various fun belt buckles. Some colors stand out quite a bit and should preferably be matched with your shirt.

Ремень множества благодатей or Воинский пояс поборника Ша'тар purple and silver with an insect or arachnid looking belt buckle.Пояс Павшего Императора a very thin red belt with an insect or arachnid looking belt buckle.Королевский пояс киражи a very thin green and dark belt with an insect or arachnid looking belt buckle.Боевой пояс гнева warriors only, golden and black.Ремень недвижимых golden and green.

Special thanks to wowhead users DemoraX and Merkilan for listing these.

Partly golden beltsGolden belts that largely mix in other colors.

Ремень павших воинов Лордерона an averagely thick belt with golden, silver and burgundy colors. Studded with two red gems.Ремень надежды same as Ремень павших воинов Лордерона but with a more vibrant gold color and blue colors instead of burgundy.Ремень Пристанища Воронов a very bleak golden belt buckle with a maroon belt.

Pure gold beltsGolden belts that only comprises of various tones of gold. My personal favorite and a very flawless and safe option.

Ремень Завоевателя pure golden belt mixing golden and orange tones. Славный пояс similar to Ремень Завоевателя but with a slightly different design and a more tarnished gold color scheme.Ремень Утера pure golden belt with a bit darker color scheme mixing between gold, golden brown and hints of green..............................................................................................................................


Socks or invisible shoes.These boots are very low shoes or socks and are invisible on certain races.

Сапоги похоронного марша brown.Сапоги похоронного марша black.

Pure gold boots

Славные башмаки slightly low boots in pure gold with a bit of patina.Башмаки Солнечной чешуи slightly low boots pure darker gold with a bit of patina.Наголенники Завоевателя slightly low boots with a vibrant golden color scheme.

Pure silver boots

Чешуйчатые наголенники генерала dark silver color, high boots.Сапоги-вихреходы same as Чешуйчатые наголенники генерала but with a lighter silver color and some purple draenish symbols.

Silver bootsНеумолимые гвардейские башмаки high boots dark silver with red tones.Заряд жизненной силы high boots in a dark blue and silver theme.

Silver and gold mix bootsСиние наголенники праведного хранителя high boots mixing both gold and silver with red gem details.Башмаки быстрого выздоровления high boots mixing both gold and silver with teal gem details, Ulduar type design.Сапоги храбрости high boots mixing both gold and silver.Антиспоровые пластинчатые сапоги slightly low boots mixing both gold, silver and red. They show a sliver of skin between the pants and boots. The WoD artwork might clash with the lower resolution of the Sunwell armor. Заряд жизненной силы high boots mixing both gold and silver. Blue gem detail.Наголенники танцующего в приливе high boots mixing both gold, silver and blue with a beautiful crest.Боевые сапоги тлеющей ярости slightly low boots in beautiful gold and silver tones. Shows a gap between pants and boots. Legion level artwork.Сапоги из демонической стали slightly low boots in gold and silver. Legion level artwork. Shows a sliver of skin.Боевые сапоги Нар'таласа high boots in gold and dark silver. Legion level artwork.

Комментарий от Apocalex

My outfit version of the Sunwell Paladin Armor transmog set with some personal picks for shirt, cloak, one-handed mace and off-hand.

Синие наголенники праведного хранителя - Предмет


Комментарий от Choochoo

Is it just me, or do these boots seem rather poorly itemized?

Shield block rating is an AoE tanking stat. Spell hit is a single mob tanking stat.

Since spell hit doesn't affect Righteous Defense anymore (physical hit does), all it's good for is Judgements and stacking Seal of Vengeance. Not worth the avoidance/mitigation/spelldamage you would lose stacking it, in my opinion.

Plus, even if you did want spell hit, it just doesn't go with block rating. These stats just don't go together. You'd be way better off having two sets of boots.

Комментарий от Archiell

The itemization on this new Paladin tanking gear is really disappointing. I wouldn't call spell hit rating worthless to a Paladin tank, but I would never trade stamina/avoidance/spell damage for it. Comparing these boots to the Tide-stomper's Greaves (same ilvl) the defense/dodge is traded for block rating on these (reasonable trade) but armor, stamina, and even some spell damage is traded for spell hit rating (very poor trade).

Комментарий от Sjant

Adyen the Lightwarden in Shattrath gives the quest for Aldor reputation by turning in Mark of Kil'jaeden/Sargeras.

Комментарий от Anenome

These are awesome, that is a ton of block rating, whereas the 2.3 pally tanking boots had almost zero mitigation stats on it at all. These then are a huge upgrade. And perhaps Blizz will be making Righteous Defense affected by Spellhit in 2.4, we don't know. But that much block rating is absolute heaven to me.

Комментарий от Schatzman

Unless I'm mistaken, having some spell hit as a paladin tank is still very useful even though they changed Righteous Defense. It still affects Consecrate and your Seals/Judgements, and having a resist on one of those is a huge hit to threat generation.

Комментарий от Bops

It's got 0 defence rating too, and i'm always finding my paladin is struggling to keep at the defence cap. The 1 socket in the boots doesn't help much with it at all either, not really worth going for at all.

Комментарий от Avalonia

The only issue I see here is the +spell hit rating. Other than that these are pretty decent.

Комментарий от Zidomo

Yes, BOTH the epic plate "tank" boots from the Badge vendors (the current Sabatons of the Righteous Defender and these in patch 2.4) are for Paladin tanks. Lame.

And there are Holy Paladin boots from the Badge vendor currently as well...lolSame sort of deal with 90% of the Outlands plate quest rewards/drops.

Maybe remove the warrior class, Blizzard, and convert all existing players to Paladins?

Комментарий от Zidomo

Yes, BOTH the epic plate "tank" boots from the Badge vendors (the current Sabatons of the Righteous Defender and these in patch 2.4) are for Paladin tanks. Lame.

And there are Holy Paladin boots from the Badge vendor currently as well...lolSame sort of deal with 90% of the Outlands plate quest rewards/drops.

Maybe remove the warrior class, Blizzard, and convert all existing players to Paladins?

Комментарий от Tidjian

First of all, three things.

1. The new items coming out for badges are nearly equivelant to T6 and the general design in such is to prepare people for Black Temple, Hyjal and Sunwell before the expansion releases.

2. Black Temple is majorly based on undead, demons, etc, as a lot of the higher end stuff is. What is a Paladin's specialty? Holy magic, however Exorcism, Holy Wrath, Avenger's Shield and Hammer of Wrath all require spell hit rating to land successfully. During early stages like Kara, SSC, TK, Gruul's, etc.. a lot of these arn't used often and generally you can get away without spell hit rating. Once you get into the higher stuff it becomes more essential, your holy spells help you hold aggro, pull groups, etc.. a lot more. So trust me, it helps to have good accuracy for your spells.

3. Shield block rating is a Paladin's highest evasion bonus. We have a natural ability to get higher evasion per rating for shield block then any other, which makes it a lot better to stack up on then say more parry or dodge. We should still share our evasion and not focus solely on one, but though these do not have defence rating or anything else, they give us a big chunk of our avoidance so that we can make use of other items. If you really use it, it works out well, trust me.

Комментарий от lazyazz

@ Tidjian

1. These boots are not close to the boots off Naj'entus. Tide-Stompers have more potential stam with 2 sockets and no spell hit taking up valuable stat points.They are a side-grade to the Sabatons of the Righteous Defender, where you trade some defense and block value for straight block rating.

2. Black Temple is not majorly undead based. As has been stated, the mobs are mainly humanoids and you will be using Exorcism and Holy Wrath much less than in Karazhan. Paladin tanks should be tanking the waves in Hyjal however, but still, most of the threat done there is either reflected dmg (Holy Shield/Thorns/Ret aura) or Consecration ticks.

3. When you get to Black Temple level of tanking, you should no longer need to worry about the 102.4% avoidance+block. By this time, your gear should be pushing you past that level fairly easily, and you should already be switching out avoidance trinkets for stam trinkets.

Комментарий от DestinoX

Paladin tank items are usually placed into a catagory, like aoe tanking, raid boss tanking, (single target) trash tanking.

They get itemized to reflect this, for example, aoe tanking gear has defense, shield block rating+value and spelldamage. Raid boss tanking gear has defense, dodge and spelldamage on it. This is how it should be.

These boots don't seem to fit into one of these catagories. No defense, but it does have spellhit, which is of fairly little use in aoe tanking. Blizzard, fix your itemisation please.

Комментарий от kolbenito

These are very nice boots. What I don't understand is why tankadins get a great set of boots clearly itemized for them, and warriors don't. I'm getting a little sick of this, same thing was done in the 2.3 badge gear. The "warrior" version of the chest and boots drops in ZA (Nalorak and Zul'jin respectively), the pally version is purchasable with badges for both.

Spell dmg and spell hit has been added to these to help important stats for pally tanks to generate threat. So where is the strength on the other gear? Block value is not the end all threat stat, and is only useful for one of the 4 threat skills i use in my rotation. Heroic strike, devastate, and revenge all benefit from attack power. Have you seen what your AP would be if you actually equipped all this gear? Mid-500s, my AP was that when i was in my early 40s unbuffed lol. Thank you Blizz for the hit rating and expertise on the other items.

Anyway... Grats tankadins! :)

Комментарий от Yang

these r really nice ug for tankadins, judging by all that spell dmg/hit its a good way to keep threat up (thanx to Righteous Fury). i dont understand why should pallys as much defense as warriors or druids in first place. looking at all their abilities and other items that increase the effects of abilities tankadins mostly rely on their block rating (if u dont get hit u wont get crit, there goes ur defense) where druid mostly rely on their armour (even tho they dont wear shields) and warriors rely on little bit of each stat ( IMO dodge rating).so it is a nice ug for tankadings even if u guys think its only good to keep aggro on same target where if u think about their concencration or their righteous defense that affect 3 targets not like growl (druids) or taunt (warriors) that affect only one, think about that.

i really think that blizz wants players to use their abilities more than using the armours or wep to do it for them. but thats jsut me

Комментарий от Wildstyle32

Don't have kids! Ever!

(I created this account solely to post this message :)

Комментарий от crabcrouton

While you may be right as far as the logic behind the block rating, that only applies to items that do not have a ton of item points wasted on Spell hit like these boots. 23 Spell Hit Rating comes at the cost of useful stats like Dodge (1.22%) or Expertise (3% less parries+dodges).

Wearing T6 gear, my SoR is 2nd only to Consecrate for threat, meaning that 23 Expertise would have provided 3% more threat before modifiers. Spell Hit affects neither my first nor second highest threat-producing abilities.

Whatever Blizzard's plans are for the 2.4 gear, this item in particular fails at any redeeming quality and is beyond logic.

Комментарий от smack80

The name 'Blue's' refers to one of two things,

Blizzard Community Manager who post on the official forums and are often called 'blues'

Or a happy blue dog that teaches kids valuable lessons through fun and song and following clues.

I like to think it's the latter.

Комментарий от Ahlak

I have Sabatons of the Righteous Defender and Jungle Stompers already, plus we're killing Najentus, but he hasn't handed me his boots yet.

If a GM handed these to me for free... I'm trying to work out when I'd wear them... probably never?

They're most useful for AE tanking... and have Spellhit?! *sigh* by far the most useless "tankadin" stat for AE tanking, really only useful in 5-mans, where you don't need T-6 level gear, even on heroic.

Most of the new badge gear is poor. I have a few hundred badges, and I'm thinking most of them will end up being used for off-spec healing gear rather than tanking. iLevel 141 items that are worse that iLevel 128 items is really sad.

Комментарий от Discolando

While these new items aren't looked highly upon for tanking, they're amazing for Paladins who enjoy the Shockadin spec. Before 2.4, there were zero plate items with spell hit on them, which was one of the weaknesses of the playstyle.

Grab this another of the plate badge rewards with spell hit and you're hit capped for heroics. Raiding, however, is another story...

Комментарий от hombresauce

what none of you have mentioned and i really cant see why..... since youre all supposedly prot pallies, or talk as though you are anyway...

a lil bit of spell hit is nice, for those dreaded miss crusader shield flings. nothing worse imo than seeing that shield hit graphic followed by *miss* *miss*. you can expect bad things the rest of the pull, mainly spending extra mana to get yourself a safe lead on agro. spell hit, not a completely useless stat as previously stated, just not as useful as others.

Комментарий от isoar

As a Protection Paladin, these are great for solo grinding, or for reaching uncrushable, or for a threat set.

Avoidance is good, but it isn't always king. Other than spell damage the only way for a Paladin to increase threat is to trade dodge / parry / miss for block rating. That's exactly what these boots do.

It is so hard to find decent grinding gear for prot now. I had full T4 ret set for a balanced stats and spell damage, and with a patch all the spell damage is now gone for more melee stats which is useless for Protection. All the 2.4 pieces, chest, legs, and boots have good +damage at least.

I'm still waiting for Naj'entus to drop the boots, but until then these easy to obtain badge boots are great. I have all the tanking badge items and mix-n-match them with drops for building different gear sets. (i.e. stam set, avoiance set, threat set, etc.)

Комментарий от ilium

I compared these with the 60 BoJ boots .... Gem's are assumed to be socket-matched, and stamina was the preferred gem choice.

Sabatons of the Righteous Defender Blue's Greaves of the Righteous Guardian Difference---------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ----------ilvl 128 141 +13Armor 1105 1213 +108Defence 18 0 -18Stamina 45 + 4 + (12 + 6) = 67 58 + 3 + (6) = 67 0Block Rt. 0 34 +34Block Vl. 30 0 -30Spell Dmg 26 (+5, gem?) 26 (+5, gem?) +3Spell Hit 18 23 +5Socket Red, Blue Red (+12 sta, +9 spdmg)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------COST 60 BoJ 75 BoJ 15 BoJ

Potential Skts: Glowing Nightseye Glowing NightseyeStar of Elune

(EPIC): Infused Amethyst Infused Amethyst(Solid Emyrean Sapphire / Charmed Amani Jewel)

Комментарий от Saeverud

These really aren't as bad as they look for Paladin tanks. I recently replaced my boots of the protector with these, and despite losing some defense rating, which by the time you're geared through Kara is not all that much. The overall avoidance you get from these outweighs the loss of defense.

Both the spellhit and spell damage add to your threat as well. With the spell hit adding around 1.6% tps and the spell damage a flat 9 tps a second.

Might need to swap them out for something more defensive in nature for some of the harder bosses if you're an MT. But other wise they're still a great tanking piece.

Комментарий от quader46

lol dude on my paladin im pushing over 520 defense and i dont know what to do with it, while maintaining uncrushable... im looking into these atm, 12 more badges. I'm relieved to see that there is shield block instead of defense.

Комментарий от Kathucka

Weird stats.

Spell hit is useless for paladin tanking. Everything they use is calculated on melee hit mechanics. The itemization points are completely wasted here.

Once you're uncrushable (102.4% miss + dodge + parry + block), more block rating is wasted when tanking a boss. As long as Holy Shield is up, every swing is going to be blocked, missed, parried or dodged, anyway. You can't block more than everything. Since it's possible to get to uncrushable before earning this many badges, the block rating on this item is unlikely to help much.

What's left for the bosses is a large amount of spell damage, armor, and stamina.

The place where these might be somewhat useful would be in AoE tanking situations, such as Hyjal Summit trash for Serpentshrine Cavern murlocs. In those situations, a paladin will get pummeled with so many hits that they'll burn through all the charges of Holy Shield before they can refresh it. In that case, the block rating on these boots will allow them to block more hits and take somewhat less damage as a result.

Also, the large amount of block rating on this item is probably enough to allow you to swap out your Libram of Repentance for a Libram of Divine Purpose or maybe even a Tome of the Lightbringer.

Комментарий от caowns

Random note, but this has the highest Shield Block Rating of any item out there.

Комментарий от liquidity

Bull$%^&! These boots arent blue at all!

Комментарий от Wrendil

So am I the only paladin tank that has ever missed a shield throw? Does spell hit not help with that? I know it takes a notch out of my initial threat. But I am just now starting raiding in Kara and doing all the heroics, so I'm sure there are more experienced tanks than me.... But maybe just a little spell hit for "flavor" wouldn't be a bad thing!

Комментарий от Scarrio

With the changes in 3.0 these actually useful for a Titan Grip / Fury warrior who offtank occassionally instead of Vindicator's Plate Greaves since hit rating became consolidated.

-42 armor- 35 crit rating+9 stamina+22 hit rating+23 block rating-1 strength+1 red socket

Titan Grip can use the extra hit rating, we're usually already swimming in crit% and it's a dual-purpose piece. Throw in a strength gem and it ends up being +9 strength.

That, and it's one of the few badge-obtainable plate boots. Pretty reasonable, I think.

Комментарий от lagmar

Definitely good for warriors now!

Комментарий от SlayerGizmo

These boots are definately good for all plate users now. The boots really shine on Fury Warriors as of patch 3.0.3 since Warriors especially Titan's Grip spec require minimum 200 hit rating (ok thats in my opinion) to be effective (otherwise too many white misses and therefore no rage). Im currently using these boots on my warrior for dps as its the best i currenlty have access to and will last me until level 78 at least. Hit rating is the way to go for Titans' Grip spec warriors as long as you do not sacrafice strength and a relative amount of haste and crit and these boots are an extremely good way to achieve a decent amount of Hit Rating. As for the gem socket a 10 strength or 20 Attach Power is probably the best choice available.

Комментарий от muabdib

changed in 3.0 (i guess) from spell hit to physical hit

Комментарий от neopoya

I found this to be, at least for me, the best look with these items for 4.3 transmo :

Anyway, i deleted the cloak long ago, so i can't have it anymore and it's skin is unique =(

Also i dont have the legs , so i use Justicar (Tier 4) ones. I found that Valor or Lawbringer ( Tier 1) aren't bad choices too!

I'd like to ask you guys for Cloak/Legs/ And maybe belt suggestions to improve the look , but i think i've pulled i very cool one here ;D!

Комментарий от goblite

With the current look of this and similar items (something tells me it may have changed at some point) I have found the following Items to look the best as a set:

Яркий шлем правосудия - Helmet : HydrossНаплечье часового Серебряного Рассвета - Shoulders : Morogrim TidewalkerСветящаяся кираса Истины - Chest : LurkerЗнаменитые рукавицы Ниспадающего гребня - Gloves : Lady VashjРемень надежды - Belt (closest match i.m.o.) : Azgalor in HyjalСвященные ножные латы слепого поклонения - Legs (closest match i.m.o.) : Sunwell 1st bossСиние наголенники праведного хранителя - Boots : 390 JP sold in Shattrath

The Legs are those from the "Sunwell Plate" set but appear to match better than any other items i've found, and the Belt is meant to match tier 6 but it also works very well.

Righteous Armor - Сет Трансмогрификации

Комментарий от JamesThePaladin

Shoulders: Botanica (Laj)Leggings: Black Morass (Aeonus)Belt: Heroic Black Morass (Aeonus)Gloves: Shattered Halls (Warchief Kargath Bladefist)Boots: Heroic Shattered Halls (Warchief Kargath Bladefist)Chest: The Steamvault (Warlord Kalithresh)Helm: The Mechanar (Pathaleon The Calculator)

Комментарий от thirteene

Good Argent RP set, but personally im going for a MechanoHog and Tron set!

Комментарий от Delom

Now if I could just find a matching shield+weapon combo...

Комментарий от Neverest98

For boots, you could either go the displayed Boots of the Righteous Path, or the not-displayed, Blue Greaves of the Righteous Guardian.

The Blue Greaves of the Righteous Guardian are purchased for 390 Justice Points from Anwhenu, a Vendor in Shattrath. The Blue Greaves are significantly easier to obtain, and in my opinion, look better than the boots that match the set, anyone going for the Righteous set should consider this alternative, as farming for the Boots of the Righteous Path can be gruelling.

Also, a good cloak to match the set is the Cloak of Malice, a drop off of Grand Warlock Nethekurse in Normal and Heroic Shattered Halls, easy to pick up whilst farming for the gloves.

Комментарий от JamesThePaladin

Remember, if you played during Wrath of the Lich King and reached Exalted with Argent Crusade, you can buy the identical Helm of Purified Thoughts from their vendor in southeastern Icecrown.

Комментарий от Tzarynn

If you are looking to make this a tank set with a one handed sword, the best sword by far to use with this is Muramasa. For the belt I prefer to use Girdle of Many Blessings

Комментарий от JamesThePaladin

The pieces in this set can be used to fill in any blanks if you're going for the T13 look.

Комментарий от Tarumuat

Fantastic set for mogging. Most Paladins run around in their Judgemet and T6, but this baby, while retaining it's very Paladin-like look is mostly ignored. Perfect for those who want simple armour, but want to stay unique. Not to mention, Warriors and DKs are able too :D

Комментарий от hanraneqedk

any other shoulders which matches the colour scheme,?

Комментарий от Finnias07

For those who don't like the helm but still want to show one I recommend Славный головной убор. It's going to take time (or gold) to obtain but IMO a great match to the set.

Комментарий от Obtusus

This set also matches the Str DPS Legendary cloak, therefore it's an option if you don't like hiding your cape.

Комментарий от Zetsuke

Call me crazy, but I've found that Демонические ножницы is a surprisingly good match for this set, if you're looking for a two-hander to go with this. The darker details on the sword go well with the details on the set's legs and boots. Клинок очищения Рамаладни is even better, but I use this on my paladin, and axes have never really struck me as paladin-friendly.

Комментарий от Eillesthis

This set is available in another color as well:

Комментарий от Apocalex

My outfit version of the Righteous Armor transmog set with some personal picks for shirt, cloak, bracers, one-handed sword and shield.

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