Доспехи Ликвидации. Шлем ликвидации

Доспехи Ликвидации - Набор предметов


Комментарий от rastlaus

Is this the lvl 70 equal to Tier 0 / 0.5? And anyone that have got this and checked the increase in DPS with the 2pieces bonus? Or/and know how much 160 haste rating is?

just the AP on this set makes it a above average for hemo/combat rogue. '

its its not class restricted it is usefull for cat druids too, crappy set bonus for them tho. but as long as hunters dont get to roll on this im happy :P

Комментарий от brimaster

These dropped tonight off the last boss of the steam vaults. It is a new dungeon set.

Комментарий от Dirae

Ah, on time they made a set that makes us look more rogueish. Great stats and bonuses :)

Комментарий от MBar

Great looking armour, and awesome stats and bonuses.

Combine 4 pieces with the Primal Intent set (as I hope to do) and you'll be killing rings round you. :)

Now, I just need to find a pair of boots to wear ... ;)

Комментарий от begolas

if a druid -ever- outrolls a rogue for any piece of this set (if the rogue doesnt have it) it would count as ninja looting IMHO. So what it does not say "Class: Rogue" look at the set bonuses :)

Комментарий от Toko

If it doesn't have rogue stamped on it, for single pieces you will have competition - If you don't like it, negotiate BEFORE going into the instance ;)

example: the leggings are better than the tier 4 Feral druid Malorne Leggings for both DPS and Tanking ....

If it's it a decent raiding rogue with some skill, I'd consider passing, if it's a rogue under me in the damage meters while I'm tanking ( and currently thats most of them ) ... then I'll be rolling.

PUG wise if it's some random rogue ... he didn't pay for my account and niether did you, so if it's an upgrade it's a roll.( Though if the player already had 1 or 3 pieces I would consider being kind to allow them to get the next set bonus as long as they had been doing a reasonable job in the instance )

..... I won't be pugging this anyway, plenty of guildies to run with where we can share and re run for items .......

Комментарий от Kalaboo

piew piew piew piew

Комментарий от Click

Well said. Research where these items drop before hand and when you find a group for an instance make sure you're either the only rogue and/or decide that only you are allowed to roll on it.

Комментарий от PainKiller

mutilate oriented

fast poison proc + damage

and your able to eviscerate before ks ends (5 cp ks and 5 cp eviscerate!)

Комментарий от Squirldude

And y is this a higher lvl (item lvl, not req. lvl) than T4... dont u think thats kinda funny? :P

Комментарий от zenmastervex

As of patch 2.0.7, haste rating has been buffed a little. I forget the exact value, but I think it's 10.8 haste rating per 1% increase at level 70.

Whatever it is, the 160 haste rating from this set causes my mainhand to go from 2.9 to 2.52. Also, if you cheap shot and then kidney shot, the effects do not stack.

Комментарий от axelarge

The haste rating equals 15,22% at level 70. so it is ~10,5 haste rating per percent or 0,95125% per 10 haste rating.

Too bad the set doesn't have decent crit .. :(And the chest, for example, is worse than Warden's Hauberk from Cenarion Exp.Looks really cool, though..

Комментарий от zenmastervex

Here is a little trick I figured out.

If you're fighting a boss or other mob that is immune to stuns (such as kidney shot), you can double spend your combo points to get really fast attacks. Just use Kidney Shot against your target, and when it says "Immune," you still get the assassination set bonus of 160 haste. Then, immediately use Slice'n'Dice for extra speed. The two abilities stack together.

By using this technique that I call "Speed Stacking," my weapon speeds go from 2.90/1.90 to 1.92/1.27 (main hand/off hand). This technique can also work if your kidney shot is resisted, dodged, blocked, or whatever. The assassination set bonus is still applied.

Another possible combo is Cheap Shot for 3 points (Initiative talent), then immediatley hit Slice'n'Dice (15 seconds long for 3 CPs). When the haste bonus from this set goes away, kidney shot for another 6 second burst. If your timing is good, you can open up with a full 12 seconds of "Speed Stacking" swing speed increase with the bonuses from both the assassination set and Slice'n'Dice.

Комментарий от Shadowreunion

This set bonus with blade flurry, slice and dice, abacus of violent odds, and a haste potion. :D

Комментарий от nochangel

Make sure you guys negatively rate all these pissing contest comments. No one really wants/needs to read them. Lest you be a misery loves company kinda person. This place is a place of info. If you feel the need to measure your weight, go to thott/alla..This place is where intelligent conversation should take place. If you need to correct someone, have tact.

Комментарий от Odes

rly nice rogue set.. with that haste rating

Комментарий от Poposhka

I just got my second piece of Assassination, and as a Combat rogue, i'm very impressed.

Soloing, i'll open with CS, immediately pop SnD, then build up a couple of combo points, and as the haste buff drops, hit KS.

The extra haste is amazing for Combat Pot. procs, especially with my 1.6 speed fireguard.

Not to mention the previously noted Haste+CP on immune mobs,! I Hope they don't nerf this..

<3 Blizz, nice set!

Комментарий от Gilmat

Unfortunately, "Speed Stacking" will be nerfed in the next patch : (. Meaning this won't work any more.

" 'Assassination' Set: The haste bonus from this set will no longer be triggered if your attack does not land on the target.' "

Dammit Blizz.

Комментарий от Mordritch

With each instance it's the final boss.

Handgrips of Assassination - The Black Morass (Caverns of Time) - AeonusItem: http://www.wowhead.com/?item=27509NPC: http://www.wowhead.com/?npc=17881WoWWiki (About the boss): http://www.wowwiki.com/Aeonus

Helm of Assassination - The Arcatraz (Tempest Keep) - Harbinger SkyrissItem: http://www.wowhead.com/?item=28414NPC: http://www.wowhead.com/?npc=20912WoWWiki (About the boss): http://www.wowwiki.com/Harbinger_Skyriss

Leggings of Assassination - Shadow Labyrinth (Auchindoun) - MurmurItem: http://www.wowhead.com/?item=27908NPC: http://www.wowhead.com/?npc=18708WoWWiki (About the boss): http://www.wowwiki.com/Murmur

Shoulderpads of Assassination - Sethekk Halls (Auchindoun) - Talon King IkissItem: http://www.wowhead.com/?item=27776NPC: http://www.wowhead.com/?npc=18473WoWWiki (About the boss): http://www.wowwiki.com/Talon_King_Ikiss

Tunic of Assassination - The Mechanar (Tempest Keep) - Pathaleon the CalculatorItem: http://www.wowhead.com/?item=28204NPC: http://www.wowhead.com/?npc=19220WoWWiki (About the boss): http://www.wowwiki.com/Pathaleon_the_Calculator

Комментарий от Squirldude

Note: every single one of these drop off the last boss in their respective instances... no quick runs for gearing out the guild rogues :(

Комментарий от Stiverton

Very clearly a PvP oriented set. If you're trying to break into raiding, a combat spec with Wastewalker will far outperform this armor.

Комментарий от HelgiX

To complete this set would be the Epic Heroic drops:Boots: Shadowstep Striders http://www.wowhead.com/?item=29248Belt: Girdle of the Deathdealer http://www.wowhead.com/?item=29247Wrist: Nightfall Wristguards http://www.wowhead.com/?item=29246

Комментарий от Archangel001

I dont understand why this blue set is loot from 72elite. I think this is set for lvl 55-60 and how can player on lvl 55 kil 72 elite monster?

Комментарий от tlanwarrior

I have the Helm, Gloves, and Shoulders of this on my DW Shaman, for a preraid DW shaman, I doubt theres much better that you can get. And before anyone says anything about Desolation gear, don't bother, this set has alot more agility, and stam then the deso set, and doesn't require any heroics that NO one does. (That being CoT1) Its also worth the armor loss, since if you do raid Kara in this, and you do happen to steal agro, your tank basically should stop playing.

Load the shoulders with +int gems, and your good to go.

Hit Rating is a big help for DW classes. As is Crit rating(Especially in 2.3, where our crits help alot more).

Комментарий от Finks

Fixed many patches ago. It no longer gives set bonus if immune to stun. A shame too.

Комментарий от ZachUSAman

very good set for rogues though thankfully you can get the full set bonus without picking up the helmet which is, quite badeditL tlan warrior i gotta seriously disagree with you. if your a shaman you should be wearing mail and not leather, and this set is a rogue only set (not offical) so it should be a pretty rare occasion that you should wear this

Комментарий от wowhaus

This set is great for a pre-raiding rogue who is about to start Kharazhan and its easy to obtain.

Shoulders - The next upgrade from these are from the chess event in Kharazhan http://www.wowhead.com/?item=28755

Handgrips: The next upgrade from these is from Attumen the Huntsman in Kharazhan http://www.wowhead.com/?item=28506

Leggings: You can get http://www.wowhead.com/?item=30538 instead of these, they drop from heroic Slave pens, the Assassination legs are still good up to Netherspite in Kharazhan that drops http://www.wowhead.com/?item=28741

Head: I wouldnt bother trying to get it, a reward from SMV rewards a much better helm http://www.wowhead.com/?item=31109

Chest: The chest is decent, but imo http://www.wowhead.com/?item=30933 is better, but if you want all the set bonuses, the Assassination chest is great to

Hope this helps.

Комментарий от Stormwaker

Great set to own if you're just starting out as a fresh 70 rogue, and looking to raid (or if you're a collector who just like's having cool gear, like the scarlet set or defias). Though with the upcoming 2.4 patch, and with the Opportunist's Battlegear (http://www.wowhead.com/?itemset=745), people might just pick that up for the 60 gold (course that set is geared toward PvP and not PvE :/)

I do plan to collect this bitchin' armor as I gradually do some of the more easier instances to collect the set (best to replace those greens once I hit 70>.>) to have something decent from kara raiding :)

Комментарий от Cynik

While I find this set to be awesome, my gripe as is everyone seems to have is I wish the haste didn't matter if a mob was immune to stun, because that makes the 2 piece set bonus pretty worthless in boss fights, because as far as I know all bosses are immune to stun. But overall considering the damage just the gloves and tunic alone are approximately a 200+ AP increase for me which I really need, plus I'm lacking stamina atm so that's another reason I've been trying to get at least the gloves.

Комментарий от Jaood

Looks kinda like a downgraded Bonescythe. Great starter set for Rogues all over.

Комментарий от Anile

If you look at stats, all of the items in this set are inferior to the fel leather gloves and leggins that any LW that has consortium rep can make, the quest reward helmet for killing the boss in SV and a chest piece from REGULAR blood furnace. The only upgrade these have is stam and rogues in PvE should not worry about stam. Rogues in PvP need to worry about resilience. These are now only good for farming. Kitty druids get better use out of these than rogues do /sigh

Комментарий от Garenvinci

Am I the only person that noticed that this set would be horrible for actual assassinations, given how shiny it is?

Комментарий от pashavafaee

THERE IS NOTHING FUNNY ABOUT ASSASSINATION..except for that it starts with "ass-ass"

Комментарий от Poisonedheart

lolz im wearin these shoulders as hunter and they sure are the best for me i know, there are rift and other 1s but i cant even convince my guild to go to 1 of the raids in outland so these are the best

Комментарий от spottedtauren

looks like good set of armor, put comment here so that I can easily find it later

Комментарий от Blackriver

This is the "Dungeon Set 3" for rogues.

Mask: Шлем ликвидации (Source: Harbinger Skyriss in Arcatraz)Spaulders: Наплечные пластины ликвидации (Source: Talon King Ikiss in Sethekk Halls)Tunic: Мундир Ликвидации (Source: Pathaleon the Calculator in The Mechanar)Gloves: Боевые перчатки ликвидации (Source: Aeonus in Opening of the Dark Portal)Pants: Поножи ликвидации (Source: Murmur in Shadow Labyrinth)

The matching offset pieces for this set are...

Bracers: Сумрачные нарукавники (Source: Epoch Hunter in Escape from Durnholde on Heroic difficulty)Belt: Ремень торговца смертью (Source: Aeonus in Opening of the Dark Portal on Heroic difficulty)Boots: Сапоги шагающего сквозь тень (Source: Harbinger Skyriss in Arcatraz on Heroic difficulty)

Комментарий от Rorfan

If you didn't know already this is the same armor worn by the human SI:7 agent in the film The Craft of War:BLIND by Percula on Youtube & Warcraft movies.Just thought i would say that becouse I was searching forever for this set for Transmogrification


Комментарий от Yautja78

if you are a feral druid and going for this set then either Посох дремы Браксиса or Дикий Клич looks just awesome with this set.

Комментарий от Incendavis

this is awesome on a tauren Druid

Комментарий от FelixTheGreat

If you're looking for a fist weapon around this level, Demonblood Eviscerator might do. Though it is reddish with a really dark brown :/

Комментарий от Arionara

Be prepared to farm HEAVILY for this set. Each piece can take several runs to get so just be patient and eventually, the item will drop. :P


Assassination Armor - Сет Трансмогрификации


Комментарий от Amberley

A magnificent re-color (and slight re-texture) of the equally magnificent rogue T3 Bonescythe armor from Naxxramas40.

These items can be found in:

Chest : Tempest Keep - The MechanarHead, Feet : Tempest Keep - The Arcatraz

Hands, Waist : Caverns of Time - The Black Morass

Shoulders : Auchindoun - Sethekk HallsLegs : Auchindoun - Shadow Labyrinth

They all drop from the last bosses.

Комментарий от Amberley

The fabulous recoloring from the rogue tier 3 Bonescythe armor from Naxxramas40 can be found in the following instances from the last bosses on heroic mode.

tunic : Tempest Keep - The Mechanarhelm, boots : Tempest Keep - The Arcatrazbelt, gloves : Caverns of Time - The Black Morassshoulders : Auchindoun - Sethekk Hallspants : Auchindoun - Shadow Labyrinth

Комментарий от Tarran

Or you could just buy the recolor in the form of a lvl70 Blue PvP set. If you are honored with the proper factions that is.

Opportunist's Leather Gloves - Requires Honored w/ ThrallmarOpportunist's Leather Helm - Requires Honored w/ Cenarion ExpeditionOpportunist's Leather Legguards - Requires Honored w/ The Sha'tarOpportunist's Leather Spaulders - Requires Honored w/ Keepers of TimeOpportunist's Leather Tunic - Requires Honored w/ Lower City

Комментарий от jandriana

The chest and legs have BOE look alikes you might find on AH.

Chest: Подушка на сидение ФумблубаandLegs: Поножи Сирейны

Комментарий от Zeipii

If you replace the head with Shadocraft cap this is imo one of the coolest rogue set there is. A true rogue always wears black ;)

Комментарий от Dr0Rigo

Excuse me I don't want to sound lazy or something but the feet and waist are too hard to find, is there anything else that maches this set and maybe more obtainable? I mean the hc are availabe once per day.

Комментарий от perculia

As several other users have pointed out, there are some lookalike items to this set.Two lookalike legs not mentioned are Лазурные простроченные штаны and Полуночные набедренники.

In addition, there's a shoulder and chest with this design that's black with red accents.

Комментарий от NortyFiner

For cloaks to go with this set, Плащ служителя культа Змея and Платиновый сетчатый плащ are both good color matches and relatively easy to acquire. Накидка черного призрака is another good match, but is a rare world drop and thus much harder to get.

For shirts to cover your bare arms in this set, Стильная черная рубашка and Рубашка мастера-строителя are both good matches.

Комментарий от Cargath

For those of you who don't like the shoulders from the set like I do, I recommend Cloaked Shoulderpads as a replacement. If you also do not like the head piece but like the set with the shoulder pads, then you can replace the mask with Deadly Gladiator's Leather Helm to resemble the Sentries in Ravenholdt. Though the swords they carry are no longer in-game, as in one-hand only that is. Instead, the swords they wield are now main-hands Grieving Spellblade. Sadly, you cannot as of now and possibly ever, transmog a main-hand into an off-hand, though you can transmog a main-hand into a one-hand if it is equipped in your first weapon slot.

Комментарий от noobinator2010

that set but with

Клобук неповиновения instead

= win

Комментарий от Karob

A very nice set, and very easy to get provided a Druid doesn't ninja it.

Комментарий от C4bb4g3

In my opinion Гербовая накидка Черного Клинка looks very good with this set.

Комментарий от AngelaNZ

This helm is a nice alternative look:Winged Helm

Комментарий от buur

If you are an engineer and don't like the set helmet, Спектральный выявитель слабости matches the colors pretty decently.

Комментарий от cortinian

Took just over 50 runs but I finally finished this set for transmog on my rogue, best looking rogue armour in the game imho :)

Комментарий от abetis2

Gutgore Ripper, goes really good with them, they drop from Molten Core, although i do not remember which one, i got them so i aint checking, otherwise Perdition's Blade might look good too.

Комментарий от Moirine

Did anyone ever find swords that would go with this set?

Комментарий от DELcjxsutton

Currently wearing this full xmog set listed above on my worgen feral druid (I stay in human form around the city) with Плащ Мрачного лорда, Посох дремы Браксиса, and Наручи лазутчика skins. Looks great IMO. I usually hide the cloak though, and I have no tabard on.

This also looks wicked with Проклятое видение Саргераса.

Комментарий от MoreMusic

Here are a few items with the same model, unfortunately, you still have to farm heroic for the waist, though boots can be obtained through a normal instance.

Waist: Кушак Барханного ветра drops off of Ghaz'an in Heroic Underbog, though, at this time, I don't know if its with red trim (Opportunist's set) or blue trim (Assassin's set).

Edit: The above item has red trim. Opportunist's set would be the better choice for this for transmog purposes. The Темный кожаный пояс is ok looking to match this set, but I believe Ремень торговца смертью still looks better.

Boots: Сапоги Зыбучих песков drops off of Laj in Botanica. This drops off of both normal and heroic versions. This does indeed match the Assassin's set.

Hope this helps!

Комментарий от Dusksniper

Anyone know any good staves or maces + offhands that go with this set?

Комментарий от cyzygy06

If you're looking for the "tough guy" look, the Глазная повязка Пустоверти would look good too! I went with the Пагубная маска Теней for the more ominous look.

Комментарий от cyzygy06

If you're looking for the "tough guy" look, the Глазная повязка Пустоверти would look good too! I went with the Пагубная маска Теней for the more ominous look.

Комментарий от Reno2171

I've been trying to get the leggings and handwraps and after 20 tries each I sent in a ticket.GM told me they now only drop on heroic.Battle.net says the same.



Комментарий от xEvilsteinx

I'm getting this for my Tauren Druid and believe it or not, it looks great!Although, since I'm a firm believer in using kilts for druids I'm wondering if anyone found any matching kilts or maybe leather robes?

Комментарий от ezerizufagyi

i would prefer that belt, it looks awesome with the set.

Комментарий от ShadowProphet

Nightfall Wristguards These bracers match this set perfectly.

Комментарий от Oreo1

I use a Мглистый пояс instead of the stated set belt.

I found it too tedious to farm the belt with lockouts etc, I think it still looks awesome. (AND its MEGA easy to get hold of)

Комментарий от Nynaeve

As OP and Totally Spectacular as Oronok's Tuber of Agility is, I just don't see how it's so necessary to the transmogrification of lesser-awesomeness-gear into this Assassination set.

Комментарий от Arionara

A really good cape for this set is the Накидка черного призрака. Happy farming!

Комментарий от Buckmoney


Комментарий от pyrashe

In a pinch, if you're having a problem getting the belt to drop, Dusky Belt matches well and mats are fairly easy to get off AH.

Комментарий от Yanu

Personally I've swapped the shoulders for Наплеч самовлюбленности and gloves for Выворачивающие боевые рукавицы. Also, combined this with Плащ наставника for really nice look.

Комментарий от Milliamz

This helm is the most annoying thing to loot



Комментарий от william2011

This set is a great set for a monk. but finding a fist weapon is hard but I found 1 its called nexus-claw from a vender in netherstorm, stormshire.

Комментарий от voltrain

If you're looking to add a bit of color to the set, Кушак почитателя Пылающего Клинка looks good with the set.

If you're a monk, using a stave or polearm, Перо Терокка, or Палка погонщика рабов work for a bit of color. If you're just going for straight black, Заостренный посох works well. If you want to dual wield swords, then Длинный меч из оскверненной стали is a great option.

As always, Проклятое видение Саргераса works with the set.

For rogues, you can combine this set with Клобук неповиновения and dual-wield Стандартный фленшерный нож for a pretty cool look.

Комментарий от Superschall

Someone should add Полуночные набедренники in the leggings section since they are the same model as the others.

Комментарий от Kikilicious

I was looking for a dagger to go with this and I came across Craig's Steel. Looks so cool, imo.

Комментарий от Dajayman

I think Незаметный клинок is a nice looking transmog for daggers on this set.

Комментарий от Sacratus66

Anybody know any matching tabards? Alliance character.

Комментарий от Gadoink4

Uh... Wowhead? You feelin' ok there?

Any particular reason that Корень ловкости Оронока is listed as part of this transmog set, under the category of "?"?

Комментарий от IAmForsaken777

Anyone know if the charm still drops after you loot the skin off of Downfall without it?

Комментарий от Apocalex

My outfit version of the Assassination Armor transmog set with some personal picks for helm, shoulder, shirt, cloak, bracer and one-handed sword.

Комментарий от Apocalex

My outfit version of the Assassination Armor transmog set with some personal picks for helm, shirt, cloak, bracer and daggers.


Наплечные пластины ликвидации - Предмет


Комментарий от Invis

Drops in Sethekk Halls I believe.

Комментарий от Quietness

Drops off of Talon King Ikiss.

Комментарий от Siliticx

On heroic? Cause he's only lvl 69...

Комментарий от Kaigami

They drop off regular mode Talon King Ikiss. All "Dungeon Tier 3" loot is from regular instances.

Комментарий от Snitchers

This shoulder piece is easily obtained with 1 Rogue, 1 Restoration druid and 1 Feral Druid tank. Stealth in there, kill the Talon King, stealth out. Repeat.

Tips include: Mindnumbing poison, kicking his polymorph and fighting him close to a pillar so you can run around it when he casts Arcane Explosion.

Have fun with it!

Комментарий от Dain

Having a really hard time getting these things to drop.

Seems to be the mace and warlock/priests legs every damn time.

Комментарий от Click

Amen. I've been on six runs so far, and no shoulders so far :(

Комментарий от Click

I like the way you think. Got mine on the 2nd run though. Never going back to that damned place again!

Комментарий от Jakkoz

This has the most shity drop chance I have ever experienced in my life. I've done 21 Sethekk Halls run, only farming for those shoulders. And still.....no drop. Haven't even seen them drop.


Комментарий от Dain

I feel you pain, 5 stealth runs in 1 hour tonight with no joy, all that he dropped was same crap thats I've seen on the 25+ runs I've already done in normal groups without ever seeing it once.

To add insult to injury he dropped the unique ring 4 out of 5 runs, by the time we we're finished nobody in the party could even loot it anymore.

Комментарий от Wabby

After about 10 runs and only ever having the two caster/healing cloaks drop every timee i finally managed to get my shoulders last night ... thats one instance of my list of places to go.


Комментарий от grintogg

Sorry ro say this rogues - but these are basically the best Pre-epic shoulders for feral druid tanking in TBC

Don't be supprised if your feral tank need rolls on them

Комментарий от Oakshard

Talon King Ikiss is a very easy boss, everyone just has to be on their feet to avoid his Arcane Explosion. Tank him near a pillar and run out of his LoS after he blinks to avoid it, and make sure to let the tank grab aggro before jumping back in, as the blink wipes aggro.

Комментарий от puppykisses

Very easy way to 3 man this (although it might be patched as of today)

Druid tank + Rogue + Rogue = profit

Make sure you have a character that can DE the blues that drop and make sure you have the buff to get the shards. Runs take 10 minutes.

Stealth to Ikiss, buff up, and engage. Right near back pillar as person above said so you can get out of LOS for when the arcane explosion pops off. Let druid tank get 1 mangle off on Ikiss and then start unloading on him. Ikiss will poly the person highest on the aggro list and when he polys you *taa daa* you heal to full. When he blinks run out of LOS and bandage if you need to, druid will cast rejuv and regrowth or what not. To buy your druid more time rush Ikiss and start ripping him up, he will hit you for 2-4k and then poly you pretty much immediatley. This buys your druid another 2 seconds to get a regrowth off.

Repeat till you get your shoulders and or other loots/shards that you need.

Комментарий от zappa

30+ sethlekk halls runs50+ spirit shards20+ annoyed guildies/friends50+ cloth or mail set drops0 Lower City Rep 1 shoulder pads of assassination

/end QQ

= D

Комментарий от Ritzy

http://www.wowhead.com/?item=27434 Is very good option (even better if you dont mind the set imo) Its drops from a cake instance and it happens to drop a lot of times (did 3 runs dropped 3 times)

Комментарий от Graymer

I'm a 70rogue and when the shoulders dropped a lvl 68 druid, feral ofc -_-, ninjaed them. I've tried to get them again, 7 runs without any drop.

Комментарий от khaltep

In terms of PvE dps, the Mag'har Revered Shoulders (http://www.wowhead.com/?item=29147) seem much better than these. Unless you're willing to drop a good bit of gold on sockets, you won't come close to the combined hit rating and AP on Talbuk Hide with these. Consequently, these seem to me to be a pvp shoulder, one that could conceivably hold well over 30 stamina along with nice AP and crit (using http://www.wowhead.com/?item=23104) along with fairly decent crit and AP, or using 6 Crit rating sockets, higher crit, but less stamina. Either way, it's a strong pvp piece with crit, stam, and AP in much more high and balanced amounts than comparable pieces, and of course exceptionally strong if one has the other pieces of the set.

Комментарий от jessejericho

8th run just now, no shoulders yet.

Комментарий от Kaitain

I'm a feral Tank and I got these shoulders after about 10 stealth runs. The posters at the top are to a large degree correct - you should never EVER roll against a rogue for these if you are a druid, unless you tell them you are going to do that before the run and give them the option of opting out.

The unfortunate reality for rogues who want to stealth farm these is that your druid tank is probably after them too. I PuGed most of the stealth runs, and most rogues left the grp at the start when i explained I would be rolling for the shoulders, which was fair enough (I would let a guild rogue have them first ofc, but that's becuase i could trust them to continue to come on runs until i got them too). We ended up going with 4 druids. Later that day several of the rogues that dropped out /w'ed me becuase they had realised what the situation was and changed their minds. Too late unfortunately, I had them by then.

Комментарий от Sledeau

These are the best non-epic tanking shoulders for a druid once you slot them with stamina gems.

Комментарий от psychi

Druids, If you really want these - do 2 man stealth runs with another druid. Feral+Resto, Feral+Moonkin, 2 Ferals... any combination will do as long as one of you is healing when needed.

Just finished farming 2 sets of these with just 2 druids. It took 12 resets.

Комментарий от astaar

Just wondering if anyone has gotten this in the past week? I petitioned a GM and he said it was bugged and these are not dropping right now, just wanted to confirm that no one has gotten them recently.

Комментарий от swcsal

To the poster above, I got mine on a run earlier this morning, was my 12th run. Don't get discouraged by the low drop rate! They are completely worth it, both for the look and stats.

Комментарий от Vexikuri

What are Rogues normally putting in the Yellow Gems slots?


Комментарий от mitsukurina

Not true, actually. The "class-specific" D3 sets (I use quotes because there are no class restrictions on these sets, but it's clear from the set bonuses that some sets are meant for a particular class) are usually available in normal instances, but many of the pieces from "non-specific" D3 sets, like Wastewalker, Mana-Etched, or Doomplate, are available only in heroic instances.

Комментарий от epidemic

Dropped on my 3rd or 4th visit to the instance. Instance can be done in about 1hr but a good group (All 70).I put my Greater Aldor enchant on these and socketed them right away.

Комментарий от extorter

ran sethekk about 10 times and they still havent dropped. im not giving up until i get them!!!

Комментарий от mvstill

I just set up a stealth run with my guild last night. We had 3 Feral Druids and 2 Rogues. We ran it 12 times and all of us got the Shoulders. Awesome tanking shoulders. I guess I'm gonna put +12 stamina gems in them.

Комментарий от tweek

I'm considering stealth runs for this with a resto druid friend, as the drop rate has been said to be low in the comments.

Can anyone recommend a better bear-tanking mantle, or one that is easier to obtain?

There's a site that lists leather in order of its damage mitigation, and this seemed to be kind of high on the list. Would I be completely stupid to roll on this over a rogue?

Комментарий от Toksick

I'm a 70 Rogue, and this instance is really getting old. I've run 31 times now, and I've seen these shoulders drop once. They dropped on my 4th run, and the feral drood, who told me he would pass if they dropped, rolled need anyway and won.

I couldn't tell how many times I've seen the trousers of oblivion, and hallowed trousers drop... Time for yet another run in attempt of these...

Комментарий от guild43

Talon King is very easy to duo for a Feral Druid and a Rogue. When he does his aoe, just shift out and heal yourself to full. He hits me for maybe 600 in my tank gear, and the rogue gets healed for free when he's poly'd. Easy stealth, easy fight, it just takes some luck to get the drop.

Комментарий от Blackspirit

I've done about 15 stealth runs for this and still no go. In fact a Primal Nether has dropped but no shoulders which serves to show how low the rate for these to drop is.

Комментарий от Zepher

Finally, got them after 37 runs :]

Комментарий от draph34

I just thought i'd chyme in and maybe give some helpful advice for rogues - Cloak of Shadows works against Ikiss' AoE! so when your fighting him - you can stay in the room with him while he does it, just proc Cloak of Shadows and your good to go. Howerver; i do recommend NOT hitting him because you will get aggro - make sure your tank gets aggro before you. I am looking for the shoulders myself, ran it 6 times and still no luck. but the fight against Ikiss is easy, actually, all the bosses are easy - so running it is not really any problem. Just got to get lucky!

Комментарий от saussy

Got these on my 12th run...Dont give up!

Комментарий от juslee89

ARGH!!! >_< Damn Feral Druid stole this from me. I hate feral never invite them to grp if u're a rogue!!

Комментарий от Foxpaw

If you look closely at these, you'll notice that they each have a dagger sewn onto them :D Which might explain the sockets.

Комментарий от conn

As stated above, as of 2.1 Darkweaver Syth can see through stealth. However, a stealth run can still be done with 1 Rogue and 1 Druid if the Rogue kites Syth to one side of the room. The Druid needs to sprint through to the other side of the room (in stealth). Once there the Rogue can Vanish and you're both through.

Комментарий от Kastaje

Actually a nightelf druid can stealth by him w/o having the boss detecting him if you go around the corners.

Комментарий от Chickensoup

it sucks that the best feral tanking shoulders until PvP epics or kara comes from a set that is blatently made to be for rogues (according to the set bonuses) ive noticed that there are very very large gaps in gearing for feral as I hit 70. For instance you pretty much have to do all the quests in shadowmoon valley to get the bracers, gloves, and the green feral belt. you have to constantly run sethekk for these (regular or stealth runs of course). it just sucks that what would even be considered decent feral tanking gear is very specific on very specific places.

ah well i guess thats how tanking gear is meant to be. unfortunately you are relying on these to even be able to perform heroics while some classes (mages/warlocks/rogues/hunters) are pretty close to ready once they hit 70

Комментарий от Isix

As a feral druid I'd take the Wastewalker set http://www.wowhead.com/?itemset=659 over this since the set bonuses for it would prove to be considerably more benificial than the assassination set which only benifits rogues. While these still aren't bad for a feral, the Wastewalker Shoulderpads http://www.wowhead.com/?item=27797 should be higher on your list

Комментарий от ditre


almost all of the wastewalker set is dropped in heroic

Комментарий от shadowclaw

These shoulders are great for a feral druid tanking. Drop a couple +12 Stam gems in them and you get a nice stam boost as well as agility for dodge. I'm thinking of farming a second set just for kitty form, then drop two +8 agility gems in there.

Overall these are great for a fairly easy to get item, and will last until you get some tier sets or gladiator pieces.

Комментарий от Stormwaker

These nice little spaulders dropped when I was running with a few friends and a rogue (was on my shaman at the time). Considered rolling for em, but since we had the rogue, passed on them.

Was one happy rogue, and I can see why, these spaulders look sweet, like (which every Dungeon 3 set looks like or close to) the tier 3 set, Bonescythe

Комментарий от nosscire

Very much agree to this. When i've been running lately i've told any rogues in advance that I will need. That way I can leave group if he do not agree. Mostly they just ask why I need rogue gear, and when I explain they are cool with it.

Taking this from a rogue without saying anything before instance is ninjaing imo.

Комментарий от karti

now, that enemies' polymorph doesn't heal the affected player anymore, is he still stealth-run-able with like 3 people?

Комментарий от nalanimoon

This was a very easy drop for me. Ran normal SH with 68 warrior, 68 shammy, 68 lock, 70 mage, and me (65 drood). No rogue to contend with so everyone told me to need and they passed. Can't use them yet cause im 66 but they are sitting in the bank waiting. They dropped on my first run thru SH. I must just be lucky.

Комментарий от nozzle117

Spent pretty much the whole weekend farming these...10 runs and 0 drops...come on Blizz, help a lonely rogue out ;)

Plan to hopefully acquire the Leggings and pair them with the Opportunist's Helm and Tunic, maybe the Wastewalker Gloves? Who knows, with my luck I'll never sniff any of these ('cept for the Helm and Tunic - which I bought already from their respective vendors in Zangarmarsh and Shattrath Lower City).

Комментарий от epicdruid1

cause druids totally have kidneyshot and CS and envenom and evisicrate...no...they are clearly rogue shoulder pads , not for wannabe rogue druids

Комментарий от Poisonedheart

bah i use it on my hunter

Комментарий от shmog

Dropped on both normal and heroic.

Комментарий от wtfoomnofair

For some reason these items no longer have the class requirement, but the set bonuses are still there.

Комментарий от MisterEver

For some reason these items no longer have the class requirement, but the set bonuses are still there.

They never had a class requirement. My resto Druid was wearing the Hallowed Raiment in the first days of Burning Crusade, since the Druid set was a hybrid set like the level 60 PvP armor. I also had some pieces of this Assassination set for soloing in Cat Form.

The set bonuses obviously made it aimed towards a specific class, but just like the Dungeon Set 1 armors before it (Shadowcraft and Magister's, especially), many people took sets that weren't "for" them, since the ones that were, were poorly itemized.

Комментарий от queffy

these are pretty awesome

Комментарий от mcgrr

i have done this place about 12 times for these for the Xmog and still havent dropped O.O

Комментарий от Roflpaladin

Out of curiosity, though I don't think I've ever seen anything like it, does anyone know of any daggers that match/resemble the two in the shoulders? I think it'd be really cool to have a matching pair that looked as if your rogue had pulled the knives straight from his shoulderpads :P

Комментарий от Miletus

I don't know if the drop rate changed but I ran regular Sethekk 27 times to get these shoulders on my Demon Hunter. Because this is a new character, the statistics tab has no old runs. My conclusion is that (1) the shoulderpads do drop on regular (2) but the 18% drop rate reported here seems optimistic as of the current patch.


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